Iron Man craze hits Malaysia!

Iron Man craze hits Malaysia!

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are overwhelmed by the amount of promotions going on.

In conjunction with the release of one of this year's biggest blockbuster films on 26 April, movie fans are sure to notice big-name brands everywhere hosting contests and giveaways for "Marvel's Iron Man 3", taking advantage to be part of the popular Marvel saga including yours truly, Cinema Online!

Cinemas nationwide have already commence their advance sales of "Marvel's Iron Man 3", with tickets being swept up faster than hot cakes as everyone eagerly awaits if the movie will be able to supersede last year's "Marvel's The Avengers" which held the top spot at the local box office for more than 4 weeks. Just ask MBO Cinemas, which promises fans that there will be a new show starting every 15 minutes all day from 26 April onwards, just so fans will keep their Hulk-smash tendencies at bay and be able to catch the movie as soon as it opens!

Well if our predictions are correct and "Marvel's Iron Man 3" swoops up the local box office higher than "Marvel's The Avengers", seems like the man in the iron suit may just be worth all the hype it's getting.

Cinema Online
Always the place to snag some awesome movie merchandise, why would we ever pass up on giving our readers exclusive "Marvel's Iron Man 3" premiums that includes a messenger bag, baseball cap, limited edition hoodie, sunglasses and USB drive among others by just answering a simple question and completing a tiebreaker! Don't believe us, see it for yourselves here!

Cinema Online's "Marvel's Iron Man 3" prizes.

Fans can win a "Marvel's Iron Man 3" diorama and figurine from Hasbro, books from Scholastic, apparel, as well as complimentary passes from Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). Seems like the folks from GSC really do like Iron Man quite a bit as they based their new cinema opening at CityOne Megamall, Kuching around the Iron Man theme, having both Iron Man and Iron Patriot in full costume trotting around the launch ceremony to enthral the people of Kuching.

GSC's "Marvel's Iron Man 3" prizes.

Iron Patriot and Iron Man doing their bit for their Malaysian fans.

Tanjung Golden Village (TGV) Cinemas, wants to give away a special diorama to their patrons who snap a photo and Instagram their best "Marvel's Iron Man 3"pose or even pose with one of the cinemas' "Marvel's Iron Man 3" posters or standees. While for MBO, fans have to purchase a "Marvel's Iron Man 3" ticket with any combo set, then attach the stubs to the contest form for a lucky draw to win the same diorama. What's so special about the diorama you may ask? Well, that particular figurine is only priced at a hefty RM1,500, if you must know.

Telco Companies
Remember a certain local telco company that went all "Avengers" SIM card frenzy last year? Well, Tune Talk is at it again and seems to be sticking close to the Marvel family by offering their current customers to swap their SIM card for one from their "Marvel's Iron Man 3" SIM card collection. There are three different designs to be had, and each card comes preloaded with 3GB Data.

Fans who are Maybankard card members can redeem one pair of Premier movie passes at any participating mall when you spend RM300 in a single receipt using the Maybankard. If you end up being one of the five top spenders, you can get a "Marvel's Iron Man 3" figurine!

You are not the only one who will be sad if you do not win anything.

Shopping Malls
Fans of Iron Man and Parkson (yes you got to be both, otherwise this does not mean a thing), Parkson is giving away two free movie tickets for "Marvel's Iron Man 3" with any purchase of Hasbro's "Marvel's Iron Man 3" toys worth RM100. If you opt to buy "Marvel's Iron Man 3" apparel instead, you will get a "Marvel's Iron Man 3" recycle bag. Fans who spend the most on these two categories of "Marvel's Iron Man 3" merchandise will win a 16GB iPad Mini (sorry, Tony Stark's signature is not on it though).

Newspaper & Magazines
If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill prizes, you can win a "Marvel's Iron Man 3" ice cube tray from The Star newspaper. Of course, the prize is not JUST an ice cube tray, but also various other "Marvel's Iron Man 3" merchandise. Topgear Malaysia is also running a similar contest, but their grand prize worth RM 1,500 consists of apparel and accessories.