"Big Hero 6" Character Roll Out

"Big Hero 6" Character Roll Out

Meet the new "Big Hero 6" from brought from Marvel to Disney.

"Big Hero 6" is the first Marvel property to be animated by Walt Disney Animation Studios. But even if you had read the short running series, which had the Silver Samurai among its members, you would have noticed that this "Big Hero 6" has very few similarities with the comics. This is because this "Big Hero 6" has been Disney-fied by directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, in order to make a more family friendly story that touches on some strong themes. In case you're wondering, no, it will not be set in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While still retaining most of the names of the team members (except for one) in the comics, Disney has taken many liberties in changing the background, powers, trademarks and motivations of each of them and so they deserve to be reintroduced, whether you have read the comics or not.

So let's get to meet the new "Big Hero 6" from Disney.

Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old boy genius who graduated from college when he was just 13. Although he is gifted in robotics, he has only used his gift in winning robot battles around San Fransokyo, much to the chagrin of his elder brother, Tadashi, who thinks he is wasting his talents. Able to stay away from the influences of his brother and his friends at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT) with his fast-talk and brazen attitude, Hiro has a lack of ambition especially when it comes to using his intelligence to help society, until tragedy strikes that brings him to realisation.

With his brother's last invention, Baymax, Hiro forms the Big Hero 6 team in order to stop a microbot terror from terrorising San Fransokyo, not without a few upgrades. Hiro has an armor suit with gloves that can magnetically attach itself with the matching flight suit he makes for Baymax, and together they are a tag team among the Big Hero 6. Hiro is voiced by Ryan Potter, who, like Hiro, is an American of Japanese ethnicity.


Built to be a nursing robot after many attempts by its inventor and Hiro's elder brother Tadashi Hamada, Baymax is programmed to take care of Hiro after Tadashi is gone. Despite standing at an imposing height of 6 feet and 3 inches, Baymax has a caring and helpful personality, without a hint of aggression and urgency that doesn't make him fast.

Aside from his balloon-like tummy (which makes it very prone to deflation but useful in tight spots) and a soft spot for cats, Hiro will need to make some more upgrades to Baymax's matching flight suit if it is going to be a better partner to Hiro in stopping Yokai. Baymax is voiced by Scott Adsit. One piece of trivia about Baymax is that he is inspired by an idea called 'soft robotics' which is actually being researched at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

Honey Lemon

As sweet as her name sounds and her girly dressing, Honey Lemon is a spunky member of Big Hero 6. As a chemistry major in the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT), Honey Lemon is in her element when it comes to mixing chemicals and nothing makes her more excited than to see a chemical metal embrittlement.

Apart from her suit, Honey Lemon is armed with a robotic satchel that carries her useful concoctions to get the team out of any kind of situation. Genesis Rodriguez provides the quirky voice of Honey Lemon. Rodriguez herself was into robotics and science during her school days.

GoGo Tomago

The tough nail in Big Hero 6 who knows how to take care of herself, GoGo Tomago is an industrial engineering student in SFIT who is always chewing on bubble gum when she isn't saying anything....which is most of the time. Although she doesn't say much, aside from her painful sarcasms, GoGo is very loyal and would fight tooth and nails for everyone in the team.

GoGo's passion, as her name suggest, is speed and she uses magnetic levitation technology to build the fastest thing she could. When she joins Big Hero 6, Hiro creates a suit with meg-lev discs that GoGo rolls around with, or throws them as spinning blades. GoGo Tomago is voiced by actress Jamie Chung.


Despite his burly appearance, Wasabi is a gentle giant from SFIT who has a compulsive nature for the refined. Neurotic, neat and a firm believer of a system of everything has a place in its place, Wasabi is not just the most cautious among Big Hero 6, who doesn't know what to do when going against bad guys, but is also afraid of heights.

For his suit, Wasabi's can produce plasma lasers on its arms that can cut through anything. With his sense of refinement, being just precise will not just cut it. Damon Wayans Jr. will provide the voice of Wasabi, who on a side note, is actually called Wasabi-No-Ginger, but the latter parts of his name had to be removed for copyright reasons.


Fred is the SFIT school mascot by day...and by night. While he is not a science major like the other members of Big Hero 6, he is a self-claimed major science enthusiast as he has endless ideas for science (try his invisible sandwich). Always wanting to be a superhero more than a sign spinner, Fred is the most enthusiastic member among the six, who first signed up to be part of Big Hero 6 after Hiro and Baymax.

Fred's fascination for kaijus (like Godzilla) serves as the inspiration for Hiro when designing his suit, which resembles a monster with three eyes and is equipped with the function to breath fire, among other things. Fred, or Fredzilla as he is known in the comics, is voiced by comedian T.J. Miller.

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