Review: D-Box Motion Seats

Review: D-Box Motion Seats

Cinema Online reviews the D-Box Motion Seats at GSC 1 Utama.
What is the D-Box Motion Seats

i. D-Box Motion Seats are programmed to move with the visual and sound effects of the movie playing on screen. The seats function via motion actuators embedded in the cinema seat to make movements such as pitch, roll, heave and intelligent vibrations known as Motion Effects (MFX).

ii. Introduced by Golden Screen Cinemas at GSC 1 Utama's Hall 3 on 2 August 2014 with "Guardians Of The Galaxy".

iii. The Hall 3 at GSC 1 Utama is also home to the Dolby Atmos surround sound system with speakers placed overhead of the audience, to create a dynamic audio effect for the audience increasing the realism of the movies onscreen.

iv. While there are D-Box seats that are equipped with four motorised actuators, the ones at GSC are with two motors. Don't let this fool you though, as it still allows noticeable motions for your seat!

v. Each seat comes with a remote on the side to adjust the motion intensity between four levels; Low, Medium, High and Off (in case mid-way through the movie you decide to stay stationary).

vi. There are only 30 D-Box seats at the Hall 3 of GSC 1 Utama, the rest are normal seats, so D-Box tickets may run out fast for popular movies. Buy in advance. By year end, GSC Mid Valley and GSC Pavilion will add on 27 and 29 seats respectively to their Dolby Atmos equipped halls.

The motion experience

Cinnamon the Lion trying out the D-Box.

Firstly the most important question of all - Will the motions make you queasy or throw up? Nope. Not unless you are the worrying type and keep thinking about throwing up your meal (mind over matter). Besides, the seats are not constantly in motion all throughout the movie, but only during the scenes that are packed with action. Other times there are only subtle leans to the sides and some vibrations.

Watching "The Guardians Of The Galaxy", this reviewer had even set the motion level to 'High' and survived! Bear in mind that this is nothing like the Motion Master and you won't be jerked around hanging on to dear life on with seatbelts. It does get you more involved with the movie somehow and engrossed with the character movements as the seats try to imitate the obvious motions seen on screen.

The seats lean left to right, will vibrate with any big movements on screen and jerk when someone/something is hit. But this is only felt and remembered while watching the movie. Once the movie is over, the movements felt before are left forgotten and only the visual of the film lingers on. Momentary gratification is what you get with the D-Box experience, as the same kind of instant gratification is derived from most action movies anyway, so it's pretty much a win-win situation, no?

Comfort level

The MFX levels are adjustable from; Low, Medium, High and Off.

The D-Box seats at GSC.

The seats at GSC are upholstered in black leather and are rather new, but also a bit firm. Do not expect plush seats that allow your derriere to sink into. The firmness is necessary to bring forth the MFX vibrations or else it would be muffled by the soft seats. There are two armrests on your sides; it is recommended that both your arms rest there to allow a balance to the motions felt by your body. The cup holder is on your left armrest (yes, you can drink and eat popcorn), while the MFX remote is on your right to allow for easy access with its LED display that is visible in the dark. Too much moving? No problem, lower the MFX levels.

What kind of movies should I watch with D-Box?

The scene in "Guardians" where Drax fights Ronan's army is D-Box worthy.

Just in case you haven't got it by now, the D-Box seats are best experienced with movies that boast any kind of action elements; fighting, explosions, car racing, superhero movies, monster movies and anything emulating the Bayhem of Michael Bay. Each time a punch is landed by The Hulk, a jerk is felt in your seat and the same goes when Vin Diesel is changing gears in "Fast & Furious" before he speeds off. Feel like you're floating in your seat when space ships fly in "The Guardians of the Galaxy" or when Sandy is up in space in "Gravity" as your seat tilts slowly side by side. You get the idea, right? So here is the next set of D-Box films coming to GSC:

Into The Storm - 7 August
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 7 August
Lucy - 21 August
Planes: Fire And Rescue - 11 September
The Equalizer - 25 September

Value for money?

Tickets are priced at an additional RM15 on top of the usual movie ticket pricing, with an additional surcharge of RM5 will apply for movies in 3D format, so this could easily cost you around RM32 per ticket. Are you more of a visual over motions type of a moviegoer? The D-Box seats may not be for everyone and for every movie, so unless you really know that the movie you are about to see has favourable ratings and some guaranteed good action, then go for it, treat yourself.

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