You better watch out for Krampus

You better watch out for Krampus

You better watch out, you better not shout, Krampus is coming to town.

We all know that the nice kids on Santa Claus' list gets all the presents, but whatever happens to the ones that ends up on the naughty list? Enter the Anti-Claus, Krampus, a faun like demon originating from German folklore that's said to visit all those who have been bad.

This year's much awaited Christmas movie offers a different kind of Christmas-y feel altogether. It's not the yearly expected all-star ensemble film or the typical Christmas vacation story that's pretty much predictable, cause Christmas this year is a mash up of horror and dark comedy that actually looks kind of fun!

But first get yourself acquainted with this lesser known Christmas icon before you catch it at cinemas (or your homes, if you've been naughty).

Well, that's not Santa on the rooftop.

Have you been naughty or nice?

What does Krampus look like?

Traditional illustrations of Krampus. (Photo Source:

Don't expect Krampus to be standing on your doorstep, or sitting in a chair at shopping malls, with a jolly bearded face all dress in a red suit and a sack full of presents, saying "Ho-Ho-Ho", cause it'll be more like a 'Ho-Ho-Horror' to actually see it!

This mythical creature has horns and fangs and has a goat like appearance due to its hooved legs. Not forgetting the creepy (Gene Simmons) tongue, this Christmas demon is said to visit all the naughty children who won't be getting a visit from Santa.

According to the German folklore, Krampus arrives on the night of Krampusnacht, 5 December, and drags naughty children into the underworld where he dwells. If that isn't motivation enough for you to be well-behaved all year, we don't know what is.

Krampus in popular culture

The Krampus Ball at Los Angeles. (Photo by Phil Glau |

There are many Krampus celebrations and feasts that take place on the 5th of December each year in Europe. Parades and festivals are common in Germany, Austria, Hungary and it's sort of the continent's Halloween, as people get dressed up in costume to compete as the most scariest Krampus.

However, Austria is finally admitting that the creature might be too scary for children and is considering to ban it in the country altogether! Even in North America, there's an annual Krampus Ball in Los Angeles where it's known as the scariest costume party of the year!

What to expect in the movie?

Check out this special featurette for "Krampus"!

So you've read all about Krampus and your teeth are probably chattering in fear right about now. But not to worry, albeit the demon being scary at times, the movie is designed to be a mash up of horror and dark comedy, meaning it will first make you jump in your seats (or scream!) and then you'll laugh because it's just hilarious. And since the movie is about a family trying to ward of Krampus from their home, you will get that family-friendly Christmas spirit that won't spoil the feel. With a great line-up of comedic cast made up of Adam Scott and David Koechner from TV's "The Office" and Allison Tolman from "Fargo", this is no crappy B-movie horror.

"Krampus" is now showing in cinemas.

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