Movies Not to Miss: November 2016

Movies Not to Miss: November 2016

Which of these are you going to watch?

We are getting closer to the end of the year but the release schedule is not letting up. While only a few of the potential award contenders have trickled in, but some of the more anticipated franchise fare is what will be keeping us busy. The highlight of the month though would be Malaysian cinema, with a couple well-made titles coming our way.

This November is not going to get any cold in the cinemas, so here are movies not to miss this November!


Trolls are colourful creatures that live in their little village where music, dance and hugs makes the world go round. When many of the Trolls are kidnapped by the Troll-eating Borgens, it is up to princess Poppy and her grumpy and pessimist friend Branch to try and the save them.

Based on the toy line for children with zappy hair colours, Dreamworks Animation brings the second feature animation ever made for the franchise and turns it into a modern musical adventure with poppy tunes and electronica. Voiced by a snazzy cast with Justin Timberlake as the survivalist Branch, Anna Kendrick as the merry Poppy, and additional characters by Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand and James Corden, we won't be able to stop the feeling with the music provided by Timberlake, Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande.

General Release Date: 3 November


Daniel and Anya are a married couple who are starting a new life in Bandung. After cutting down a tree at his project site where a doll is hanged, Daniel unwittingly brings the doll home to Anya, who is a doll maker and decides to keep it. Soon after, their new home is terrorised by strange happenings and sounds, as the couple soon learns that the doll has been possessed by a child who was murdered with her family long ago.

Dolls are the flavour of the month if you are looking for some horror with a couple selections, but from the cabinet of horrors where they reside, let us bring your attention to Indonesia's "The Doll". It may be easy to dismiss "The Doll" as an Indonesian knock off of "Annabelle" (it is even based on true events), but screenwriter, producer and director Rocky Soraya has made such an irresistible knockoff that it still has us jumping from the scares. "The Doll" doesn't seem to be bringing anything new to what we already know and fear about evil dolls, but it will be interesting to see a more Nusantara spin to the familiar tropes and it's been a while since we had an Indonesian movie to make our movies look bad.

General Release Date: 10 November


Ash Ketchum and his friends find themselves at the doors to a mechanical city that has been guarded by Volcanion for 500 years and is distrustful of human visitors. When an evil minister of the Azoth Kingdom comes to steal Volcanion's power source; the Heart-Soul, Ash and Volcanion must come to trust each other when a new mystical and mechanical Pokémon is unveiled to steal the Heart-Soul.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, it has never been a better time to be a Pokémon fan who has followed the series to its latest season. Written by Atsuhiro Tomioka and directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, "Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel" will be the last movie for the Pokémon: XY series and will feature a few new and unknown Pokémons. So put on your trainer's cap, head to the nearest cinema, and maybe you'll catch a few more Pokémons.

General Release Date: 10 November


After returning from the war in Iraq, private Billy Lynn tours across the United States as a hero which ends with a halftime show at a Thanksgiving football game. As Billy makes his halftime walk, he recalls what has happened during the war and the lives lost.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Ben Fountain, "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" is a war drama that stars newcomer Joe Alywn as the titular character, but has a well-known cast of Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Garett Hedlund, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin. This Chinese-American collaboration is directed by Ang Lee, and just like "Life of Pi", he will be innovating "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" with a 120 frames per second frame rate, making it the movie with the highest (and smoothest) frame rate that will be screened in cinemas, to capture the glitz of being a war hero and witnessing the tragedies of war.

General Release Date: 10 November


When Newt Scamander arrives for the Magical Congress of the United States of America, a magical briefcase containing a host of dangerous creatures and their lairs was open and set upon the world. As Newt sets out to recover the fantastical beasts, he has to tip toes not to further strain the tense relationship between the wizards and the no-magics, and also avoid the attention of the New Salem Philanthropic Society who wants to destroy all wizards.

It feels good to be alive to be able to see another movie set in the Harry Potter universe, even though it is a spin-off that is set in the 1920s. Everything we have seen from the trailers so far is nothing short of fantastical, from the setting of the period, the magical creatures, and the tone that can be dark but befitting to the universe of Harry Potter's magical reality. Director David Yates is back to recreate the world created by J.K. Rowling (since he did direct the last four movies), and Eddie Redmayne has proven to be a likable lead in the cast, that only gets better with Colin Farrell, Ezra Miller and Ron Perlman. This would be another Potter trilogy to look forward to in the coming years.

General Release Date: 17 November


In a dystopian future when most of humanity has succumbed to a fungal disease that turns them into zombies, a military installment guards a class of children who have developed some sort of immunity to the disease. Helen Justineau is put in charge of the children and treats them fairly and with respect while they are subjected to experiments to find a cure. Among the children is Melanie, a smart and bright young girl who may be humanity's last hope.

An adaptation of the novel by M.R. Carey who also wrote the screenplay in tandem, "The Girl With All the Gifts" has differentiated itself from other zombie movies of late with its strong visuals and a rather depressing premise involving children. Director Colm McCarthy seems to be showing some promising visual flair for his second feature length, and that can't be helped when you have a solid cast with Gemma Arterton in the lead, opposed by Glenn Close as the doctor. But all eyes are set on newcomer Sennia Nanua as the titular character to make this a compelling British zombie movie akin to "28 Days Later" meets "Children of Men".

General Release Date: 17 November


When Saroo Brierly was five years old, he was separated from his family after sleeping on a train in India. Later adopted by an Australian family and grown into an adult, Saroo is determined to reunite with his real family and uses Google Earth to search for them.

Adapted from the amazing but non-fictional story by Saroo Brierley himself, this could be Dev Patel first ticket to the awards race as he plays Saroo, and will be supported by a just as powerful cast of Rooney Mara, David Wenham and Nicole Kidman. After its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, this feature length directorial debut of Australian director Garth Davis was secured by the Weinstein Company to be its Oscar bid next year.

General Release Date: 24 November


Akih is an orphan who lives a happy life in an orphanage . When the orphanage faces closure with land owner coming to reclaim the land, Akih is visited by two of her favourite characters from another world.

After making the highest grossing Malaysian animation with "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula" starring the mischievous twins of Upin dan Ipin, Les' Copaque Production and KRU Studios are setting a new landmark for Malaysian animated and live action collaboration with "Upin dan Ipin: Jeng Jeng Jeng!". Directed by Erma Fatima and Hajah Ainon Ariff for their respective live action and animated portions, the twins will meet with Asyiela Putri who voices as the characters in the animated series, and will be involved with side characters that will be played by the respected likes of Awie, Remy Ishak and Sara Ali, to deliver a simple heart-warming story with some of the most iconic characters of Malaysian animation.

General Release Date: 24 November


At the turn of the 19th century in Malaya, a Dutch trader sets out to find a mythical golden mountain that will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. His search, however, is beset on all sides from his scheming wife, colonial authorities, the local chief and Arab traders. To make matters worse, his daughter, the only thing he cares more about in this world, has fallen in love with a Malay prince and freedom fighter, Dain Maroola.

Years after being made and even released in neighbouring Indonesia in 2014, "Hanyut" has finally drifted back to Malaysian shores to much anticipation after much anxiety. Adapted from Joseph Conrad's first novel "Almayer's Folly" and going through post release troubles that could make this Malaysia's own "Apocalyse Now", this historical period piece directed by master director U-Wei Haji Shaari is an authentic recreation of Malaya and the communities within it during the 1800s. Aside from Peter O'Brien taking the lead role as the Dutch trader, "Hanyut" is still supported by a strong Malaysian cast with Diana Danielle, Sofea Jane, Ady Putra, Bront Palarae, Sabri Yunis and Khalid Salleh, who are at their best to make this Malaya-set tale something to appreciate by Malaysian audiences who care about our history and heritage.

General Release Date: 24 November

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