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Movies to spice up this Valentine's

Writer: Florey DM

Movies for this Valentine's month.

Flowers and chocolates may not be cool enough for your Valentine's this year if she/he is a movie buff. Remedy that with the perfect gift of movie outings all month long! Well, this is not something that can be pulled off every day, so here we give you a list of movies that you can catch throughout the month for your romantic movie dates.

"Sanam Teri Kasam"

One of the movies you can watch on Valentine's Day (14 February for the uninitiated) itself. What's more perfect to welcome the most romantic day on earth with what is possibly the most romantic movie on offer at the moment? This musical tale of love, longing and loss follows Inder, a boy who wants to love no one, and Saru, a girl whom no one wants to love. They are meant to be with each other but they just do not know it yet.

Release date: 5 February

"The Mermaid"

Don't be mistaken, you might find yourself guffawing more than going "aww" but believe us, this a romantic movie through and through – of course, with a touch of Stephen Chow's trademark nonsense comedy. Nothing says romance like the whimsical tale of a mermaid-meets-man love story. When a mermaid named Shin is tasked to stop a man called Hin from reclaiming their part of the sea, the two soon find themselves falling for each other.

Release date: 8 February


Now how is this a romantic movie? You might ask. Well, Mr. Deadpool himself calls it a love Okay, so the synopsis says Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, a former Special Forces operative who undergoes a rogue experiment that gave him accelerated healing powers and a mentally unstable mind, is hunting down the man who did this to him. But, see, he is doing all this so he can one day return to the love of his life and live happily ever after with each other. So yes, love story, for those who also love some humour and hm, plenty of vulgarity and violence.

Release date: 11 February

"Girls Generation"

Perfect for the young'uns with their heads in the cloud, struck silly by puppy love. For an easygoing, perhaps a little shy date, this is the movie to watch. A light movie with some high school romance mingled in as the movie tells of the lives of a group of high school students who are preparing for the National Talent Competition. Some of them realise their chemistry with each other goes beyond just being stage partners for the competition.

Release date: 18 February

"Pride And Prejudice And Zombies"

If your gore-loving Valentine's date can't get enough of, well, violence, here's another movie for you gore-tastic couple. This is based on a Jane Austen novel so the romance element is there. Throw in some zombies and there's the gory element! Set in an alternate 19th century English countryside, the zombie plague is quickly spreading and Elizabeth Bennet, who is well trained by her father in the martial arts, joins forces with Mr. Darcy to stop the zombie invasion and discover their love for one another before the world comes to an end.

Release date: 18 February

"The Choice"

Nicholas Sparks novels always sparks (intended) unbelievable romantic feels, so a movie adaptation is just the right thing for you sweethearts. Get ready to shed a tear or two as the story follows Travis Barker, a young man living in a small coastal town in Beaufort, who meets Gabby Holland when the latter moves in next door. Both fall in love at first sight – and so their whirl of romance begins.

Release date: 18 February

"My Love Story"

Can't get enough of funny movies? Or want more of those puppy love stories? This Japanese teen romance will give you exactly those, and more. Most people may empathise with Gouda Takeo, a big guy with a heart just as big, who, unfortunately, girls are not interested in since he has a very good-looking best friend, Sunakawa. Accepting the fact, Takeo is content with his single life. Until, one day, he unexpectedly turns his life around after saving a girl named Yamato.

Release date: 25 February

Cinema Online, 13 February 2016

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