5 reasons to watch "Jailbreak"

5 reasons to watch "Jailbreak"

"Jailbreak" is one action-packed movie you shouldn't miss!

"Jailbreak" is about to 'break' onto the big screen this November. This adrenaline-charged movie is set to entertain audiences – it is big on action, with a touch of comedy here and there.

Set mostly in a prison, the movie tells of Playboy, the legendary "leader" of the Butterfly Gang, who is being escorted by an elite squad of highly trained SWAT team members and a visiting French liaison officer to a high security prison. But things do not go smoothly as the real leader of the Butterfly Gang puts a hit on Playboy, causing a deadly riot in the prison.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Jimmy Henderson, the movie stars Jean-Paul Ly, Dara Our, Tharoth Sam, Savin Phillip, Celine Tran and Prince Sisowath Siriwudd.

Read on to find out why we think "Jailbreak" is a must-watch for every film fanatic out there:

It's a Southeast Asian action film

Since we're part of Southeast Asia, we can take pride in this being a 'homegrown' movie of sorts. We've had several notable action films from our Asian subregion (who can forget Thailand's "Ong Bak" and Indonesia's "The Raid"), so here's another great addition to the list!

It features Bokator: an ancient martial art

If "Ong Bak" had its Muay Thai and "The Raid" had its Pencak Silat, "Jailbreak" has Bokator. The ancient Khmer martial art features sharp movements that include elbow and knee strikes as well as ground fighting. Estimated to be over a thousand years old, it is coming to prominence again of late as it gets featured more in movies and even MMA fighting (more on this later).

The lead actor works in Hollywood

You may not realise this but you may have already seen leading man Jean-Paul Ly on the big screen. The Cambodian-French actor has appeared in numerous Hollywood blockbusters such as "Marvel's Doctor Strange", "Lucy" and "24: Live Another Day". With his experience as a stuntman in Hollywood, the rising star's kicks and punches in this action-packed movie are undoubtedly sharp and precise, making all his sparring scenes all the more enthralling.

The lead actress is an MMA fighter

As mentioned, Bokator is also utilised in Mixed Martial Arts fighting. Lead actress Tharoth Sam is well known in the MMA world with her Bokator-infused fighting style, having picked up the skills from the master himself, San Kim Sean, who is responsible for the re-emergence of Bokator in the modern world. If you've only known her as the MMA fighter Little Frog, get ready to know her as Tharoth the more-than-capable-of-butt-kicking actress in "Jailbreak".

The lead actress also worked with Angelina Jolie

Rubbing shoulders with the great can motivate actors to be more passionate in their work, and this starlet has rubbed shoulders with one of the greatest indeed. Not only did Tharoth star in Angelina Jolie's "First They Killed My Father", she also received praise from Jolie for her role and martial arts skills!

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