Meet the new Power Rangers!

Meet the new Power Rangers!

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

First created by Haim Saban from the original Japanese "Super Sentai", the Power Rangers has grown to be its own brand that spanned over two decades and many reiterations as a television phenomenon from the 90s.

Having bought back the rights from Disney in 2010, Haim Saban is now ready to relaunch a new franchise for his costumed heroes into the cinematic space with a new reboot.

Starting from the beginning when Rita Repulsa is bent on conquering Earth to find the Zed Crystal, five unexpected feisty teenagers are brought together to form the Power Rangers under the mentorship of Zordon and his robotic assistant Alpha 5.

Before it's Morphin' time for the new Power Rangers, it's time to get familiar with the new Power Rangers.

Jason Scott the Red Ranger

Jason is a football legend at his school of Angel Grove highschool until he made a mistake that cost him his dreams. Seeking for redemption that would put him back to his place, Jason must truly discover himself when he becomes the unlikely leader of a group of teenagers with powers they cannot comprehend. Jason is the Red Ranger and is played by Dacre Montgomery.

Trini Kwan the Yellow Ranger

Being half-Asian, and always on the move because of her parents' work, Trini Kwan has always been the loner and is very good at being one. Fiercely independent but also sharply observant of those around her, Trini is truly looking for a place she can belong to and people she can stay together with, even though she would not admit it to herself. Trini, played by Becky Gomez, is the Yellow Ranger.

Zack Taylor the Black Ranger

Always looking to be full of bravado and swagger, Zack Taylor has never been shy about making himself the center of attention, except that he has always been using his layered facade to hide his true self. Never quite being able to live up to what his appearance portrays, Zack is afraid to face the truth about himself. Played by Ludi Lin, Zack is the Black Ranger.

Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger

Once one of the most popular girls at Angel Grove highschool, Kimberly Hart was disgraced and lost her identity after being removed as the popular girls in school. Adopting a new persona as the rebel with a sharper attitude, Kimberly uses it to hide a deeper secret in her. Kimberly is the Pink Ranger, played by Naomi Scott.

Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger

Smart but also socially inept, Billy Cranston has always had trouble making friends because of his poor communications skills or naivety. The most innocent member of the group, Billy also has a pure heart to help others, including his new friends that he has never connected with before. Billy is the Blue Ranger and will be played by RJ Cyler.

Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa is a former Green Ranger who has gone rogue. She has killed many Rangers in her time of 65 million years. She now leads an army of stone-like golems who come to Earth in search of an artifact known as the Zeo Crystal that would give her access to the powers to an external dimension. Elizabeth Banks wields the staff as Repulsa.


Zordon is a being who resides in the external dimension that gives the Power Rangers their powers. Being the first Red Ranger who has lived for millions of years from Eltar, Zordon now serves as the mentor to this new batch of Power Rangers who are the only ones who can stop Rita Repulsa. Bryan Cranston voices Zordon, with his face motion captured for his appearance.

Alpha 5

A robotic servant who has been beside Zordon all this time. Unlike his television predecessor, Alpha 5 is made from a metal that can be mutated to serve various purposes, and is installed with a snarky programming. Bill Hader provides the voice of Alpha 5.

Morph with the "Power Rangers" at the cinemas this 23 March 2017.

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