Movies Not to Miss: June 2017

Movies Not to Miss: June 2017

Which of these are you going to watch?

We may not feel any difference in the weather here, but the release schedule for this month is clearly showing signs that summer is here and it is burning hot!

This June is particularly filled with many titles lead by women characters and subjects in various genres, so that's one less reason why the ladies should go to the beach instead of the cinema.

Embrace the warmth that is the summer blockbuster season with these movies that you shouldn't miss this June!

God of War

Set during the 16th century as Japanese invaders threaten the coastline cities of China, General Qi is forced to split his forces to defend all the cities, but faced with outnumbered odds against an enemy that is determined for victory. Nothing gets the blood boiling for more action during the summer season than a good battle sequence, and this is what we think we will get with "God of War". After mixing outrageous wire-fu, eye-popping effects and supernatural premises in his last few action flicks, director Gordon Chan is back to doing battle-hardened sequences that is more grounded in reality, and not without the help of choreographer martial artist Sammo Hung who also stars here. Aside from Sammo Hung and Zhao Wenzhuo as the commanding generals, there is also fighting to be done by Regina Wan, who takes a prominent role here as she will be flashing blades alongside male compatriots, probably more eloquently than in "The Great Wall".

General Release Date: 1 June

Part-Time Spy

After being scammed for millions of Won by a voice phishing syndicate, a police detective and an intelligence service intern are sent undercover to the syndicate to recover the stolen money. We are still always seeing gentlemanly spies in their suits for some spy action, but you would now be able to see tough women doing some spy stuff this month. Directed by Kim Deok-Soo, "Part-Time Spy" is an espionage comedy starring Gang Ye-Won and Han Chae-Ah in roles and appearances that subverts their graceful and natural beauty, with vulgar violence and disarming smarts.

General Release Date: 1 June

Wonder Woman

Isolated from the world over the ages, the Amazons have kept themselves away from the affairs of men. When an American pilot lands on the shores of Themyscira, the Amazon princess Diana decides to leave her island home to stop the war that will end all wars. Warner Bros. has more to prove than getting an installment in their DCEU that is universally liked, but also in becoming the driving force in getting more women involved with making female superhero movies. For the first ever feature length adaptation of the DC character in over 40 years, there is more than anticipation at stake for "Wonder Woman" to succeed. That responsibility is in the hands of director Patty Jenkins to portray an ideal and icon of feminist empowerment embodied by Gal Gadot. Early reviews have been encouraging so far, and we desperately want to see a good momentum from DCEU before the "Justice League".

General Release Date: 1 June


In the middle of being removed from duty, the lifeguards of Baywatch are forced to find new recruits to maintain their usefulness and brand. When Baywatch leader Mitch Buchannon butts head with new recruit and former gold medalist Matt Brody, they find suspicious activity going on at their beach, and are forced to investigate. If you are thinking of hitting the beach in this dry season, then you can do it in the cinema. Another classic television series given new life for its chance to be a running series, we don't mind its update to a raunchy comedy that doesn't mind getting wet with the beach jokes. With "Horrible Bosses" director Seth Gordon in the helm, being led by Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron (who has shown his funny side in "Neighbours") we think their chances are pretty good, not to mention it will be hard to take your eyes off Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach.

General Release Date: 1 June

The Mummy

When the tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess is excavated, she is awaken with dark powers to exact revenge on the world that has wronged her. Setting his foot onto a new franchise for Universal's new Dark Universe, Tom Cruise is setting the pace of the first installment, directed by Alex Kurtzman, to running for whatever big plans Universal already has for the new franchise. Russell Crowe also makes his appearance in his franchise role, but as for the titular mummy, she is played by Sofia Boutella who may be better known for her slicing leg blades in "Kingsman: The Secret Service".

General Release Date: 8 June

Let's Go, Jets!

Based on the true story of a small-town Japanese cheer team becoming champions at a US national cheerdance championship, this all female sports takes us back to why we fell in love with cheerleading since "Bring It On". Director Hayato Kawai leads the team comprising of the vibrant Suzu Hirose, Ayami Nakajo, Hirona Yamazaki, Haruka Fukuhara and Miu Tomita with Yuki Amami as their fierce coach, this would be an uplifting story to spend the summer with.

General Release Date: 8 June

Despicable Me 3

Just as he is about to retire from the villain business, Gru is being challenged by former child star turned villain Balthazar Bratt who just stole a diamond. Reluctant to take up the challenge, Gru is visited by his twin-brother Dru who convinces him to do one last heist for the road. It's not summer without something for the kids, and while we won't be seeing the last of the bubbling yellow minions, we might be seeing the last of the world's greatest villain that started it all. Doubling the dosage of Steve Carrell in this potential last installment of the "Despicable Me" trilogy, Carell will voice Gru and Dru, joined by Kristen Wiig as his new wife and Trey Parker as Bratt.

General Release Date: 15 June

77 Heartbreaks

Two sweethearts from law school, Adam and Eva have been together for 10 years. Giving up his pursuit to be a lawyer, Adam becomes the owner of a Muay Thai studio which distances him from Eva. When an indiscretion causes them to break up, Adam finds a journal which records the 77 times Eva has forgiven him. Not all summer releases have to be about action for the ladies, every once in a while it's a good to have a date movie in the middle of the heat. After blowing up corners of Hong Kong earlier this year with "Shockwave", Herman Yau is back with this romance drama based on the novel written by screenwriter Erica Li. Charlene Chooi and Pakho Chow will play as the squabbling couple, but hopefully their relationship could share a few things about why love is made up of the little things.

General Release Date: 15 June

Transformers: The Last Knight

Without Optimus Prime to protect Earth, an all-out war has been waged by the Transformers and humans. When Cade Yeager forms an alliance with Bumblebee, an English lord and a professor, Cade will learn the truth of why the Transformers want to conquer Earth. Ah, what a summer will be without a Michael Bay movie. If "Independence Day: Resurgence" did not turn out to be the summer blockbuster event we had hoped for 2016, we would take another Michael Bay movie for 2017 any day. Still going strong on the fifth installment of the mega explosion franchise, Bay himself has claimed that "Transformers: The Last Knight" would be his last work for the series, so this might be your last chance to enjoy this metallic slugfest in all of its Bay-esque glory.

General Release Date: 22 June

47 Meters Down

Two vacationers in Mexico are enticed to go shark viewing inside a shark cage. When the chain that connects their cage to the ship snaps, they are plummeted down to the sea floor 47 meters below. Surrounded by great white sharks, they both have to maintain their remaining air supply while finding a way back up the surface. If there's one reason why we are still reeling away from beaches is because we are still thinking about 2016's "The Shallows". Thanks to what was once bound for a direct to video release, we get to relive our fears for sharks (now added with claustrophobia) in Johannes Robert's "47 Meters Down", starring Mandy Moore (yes, that Mandy Moore) and Claire Holt as our hapless victims but resourceful survivors. If heart-pumping explosions are not your thing, adrenaline rushing fear should do the trick.

General Release Date: 29 June

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