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5 reasons to get excited about "Paddington 2"

Writer: Casey Chong

Ben Whishaw reprises his voice performance as Paddington in "Paddington 2".

After the international success of "Paddington" three years ago, the beloved marmalade-loving bear is back on the big screen!

We adored the first movie and we have a strong feeling that "Paddington 2" will repeat its success when it opens in our local cinemas. Here are the 5 reasons why you should get excited for the upcoming sequel.

1. Paul King is back for the sequel

"Paddington" director, Paul King, is calling the shots for the second time in "Paddington 2".
(Photo Source: Heyuguys.com)

Paul King, of course, was the same director who helmed the first "Paddington" movie in 2014. Apart from turning "Paddington" into a global hit (USD268 million against an estimated USD55 million budget!), he even received several accolades including double nominations for Alexander Korda for Best British Film and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 68th British Academy Film Awards. So, it's a safe bet and even a smart move to have him back for the sequel. He clearly understood what made "Paddington" tick and you can bet the sequel will share the same delightful charm of the first movie.

2. Hugh Grant is a welcome addition as the new antagonist

Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) goes for a disguise in "Paddington 2".

Three years ago, it was Nicole Kidman who made a lasting impression as the devilish Millicent in "Paddington". Now, it's Hugh Grant ("Cloud Atlas", "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.") taking over as the new antagonist for the sequel, playing a role of an actor named Phoenix Buchanan who happens to be a master of disguise. It would be interesting to see the amount of fun it is when he needs to pull off his act with various disguises ranging from being a nun to an armoured knight. After all, he's no stranger to donning disguises, given his past experience in "Cloud Atlas".

3. It's a perfect timing for a family-friendly movie

A sense of warmth is never out of place in "Paddington 2".

Why "perfect timing", you ask? Given the almost end of the year release date, it also happens to be the first week of the month-long, year-end school holiday period! With school's out, "Paddington 2" is easily one of the must-see movies on the list. Besides, the "Paddington" franchise is widely known for its universal charm, humour and a sense of adventure that appeals to wide audiences, regardless old or young.

4. Expect plenty of energetic slapstick moments

One of the chase scenes where Paddington rides a dog in "Paddington 2".

Remember the elaborate chase scene involving a skateboard, an umbrella and a double-decker bus in "Paddington"? Well, the exuberant spirit of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin continues to live on in the sequel with plenty of slapstick energy, visual gags and fun-filled chase moments.

5. And finally... the Paddington himself!

Paddington is back for a new (mischievous) adventure in "Paddington 2".

How can we forget the main character? After all, Paddington is the heart and soul of this very franchise itself. He's wonderful and endearing talking bear that it's hard not to root for him. Again wonderfully voiced by Ben Whishaw, he's always fun to watch whenever he gets all messed up and clumsy with his mischievous antics. Better yet, it looks like the CG creation of Paddington improved a lot since he was first introduced to the big screen three years ago.

Cinema Online, 28 November 2017

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