Sequels we can't wait for in 2018

Sequels we can't wait for in 2018

Which of these sequels are you waiting for?

The movie world is now a revolving door of series that come in and out every year.

As one batch of movie franchises make their new entry in one year, they take a break to make the next installment for the next batch of franchises to show up with a sequel, prequel or spin-off.

2018 will see the next installment for movies that showed its sequel potential as early as 2015, but there are also sequels to movies that came out from 2004.

We have not heard on the latest development for some of these sequels in a while, so barring there were no hiccups during the production (as some of these were), we can't guarantee if they would appear during their announced release date. But we don't think fans would appreciate any delays for these sequels.

So here are some of the anticipated sequels that we are looking forward to in 2018.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Originally set to follow closely after the release of the second installment in the "Maze Runner" series, the adaptation to the third book "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" ran into a lengthy postponement after lead runner Dylan O'Brien was hospitalised for an on set injury. Pushing production almost by a year, the last installment is finally completed and would see the Gladers face their deadliest maze yet. With all the young cast returning for their last run, Wes Ball directs from the adaptation written by T.S. Nowlin that will take the Gladers into the WCKD-controlled Last City, which will contain the answers to all their questions from the beginning.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

If there was one sequel that everyone wanted out from 2013, it was from the original property by Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim". Merging kaijus with giant mechas into a spectacular showdown, it was one that begged to be made into a series with a running toy line. But studio disputes between Universal and Legendary put plans on hold, even though a script was already prepared, until Legendary was finally bought over by China. By then, del Toro had already went on to fulfill his other projects, and some of the cast had already moved on. "Pacific Rim: Uprising" takes place 10 years after the Battle of the Breach that sealed the alien gateway into Earth, and centers around the son of Stacker Pentecost; Jake, now an ex-Jaeger pilot. When kaijus return to bring another extinction, Mako Mori gives another chance for Jake Pentecost to redeem himself and save humanity once again with the rest of the Jaegers from around the world. Television director Steven S. DeKnight makes his feature directorial debut, along with John Boyega taking the new lead role beside a new cast of Jaeger pilots, except for Riko Kikuchi and Charlie Day reprising their roles.

The Incredibles 2

2018 may be another year of superheroes but if there's one that fits the mould but isn't best known for its superheroic themes is "The Incredibles". Next in line from the Pixar classic library in getting a sequel treatment, this sequel has actually long been gestating inside director Brad Bird after "The Incredibles" came out in 2004. Even though the sequel took more than a decade to come out, this sequel will take place right after where "The Incredibles" left off, and this time it would be Elastigirl (or Mrs. Parrs) who would be going through an internal crisis, as a new supervillain comes to undermine the peace.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Sparked back to life in 2015, the "Jurassic Park" franchise seems to take a big bite out of the sequel/franchise pie and has been successful from the amount of nostalgia poured into it from "Jurassic World". Now the studio is ready to expand more for the franchise as work for a sequel immediately started after seeing the box office numbers of "Jurassic World". Taking a writer's role, Colin Trevorrow hands over directing duties to Spanish director J.A. Bayona, who has already made a name with "The Orphanage", "The Impossible" and "A Monster Calls". Undoubtedly returning is Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, among the other casts, while Toby Jones and Rafe Spall make their entry to the franchise in this sequel.

Mission: Impossible 6

After his hiatus to star in a biopic and headlining in a failed franchise in 2017, it seems that the world doesn't want to see Tom Cruise do anything else but another installment of "Mission: Impossible 6". Developed since 2015, "Mission: Impossible 6" will be making things personal for Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, with Michelle Monaghan returning as Ethan's wife to play a major role. Director Chris McQuarrie is back since 2015's "Rogue Nation", as well as the rest of the team with Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris, and also Rebecca Ferguson. One half of the "The Man From UNCLE" Henry Cavil will also be joining this spy game, possibly as a villain.

The Predator

In 2017, there was an entry in the "Alien" franchise, and 2018 will have an entry in the "Predator" franchise. A sequel and fourth installment that comes 8 years since it's last entry, it is set between the events of 1990's "Predator 2" and 2010's "Predators". While it would be easy to slap this as another effortless cash grab on another beloved franchise, "The Predator" is being directed by Shane Black, who himself appeared in the 1987 original and is being produced by the original producers. While the best chance we have of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably in a cameo role, the cast is led by Boyd Holbrook, with Olivia Munn, and Keegan-Michael Key. Jacob Tremblay from "Wonder" also makes an adorable addition to the cast.

The Equalizer 2

A sequel for the feature revival of the television series was not fully expected, but Sony Pictures was willing to make a sequel on two conditions: if Denzel Washington would return and audiences wanted it. While 2014's "The Equalizer" did not set the world ablaze, but Washington was willing to return and enough audiences wanted it to warrant the sequel. Also returning to direct is Antoine Fuqua, and joining the cast is Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman. That could be a reason to avoid the hardware store for 2018.

Ocean's Eight

When the all-female "Ghostbusters" came out, let's say the reception to the premise was livid in the wrong way. But Hollywood in 2016 is very different than it will be in 2018, and that might put this all-female sequel/spin-off of the "Oceans' Trilogy" on a more leveled ground to be compared with its masculine counterpart. Directed by Gary Ross, "Ocean's Eight" is just as star-studded as its men, starting with Sandra Bullock as Danny Ocean's estranged sister, Debbie, who wants to pull off a heist of the century on an annual gala. Forming the crew is Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Awkwafina, along with a whole of host of cameos by other actresses and celebrities.

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Harry Potter fans rejoiced when "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them" was released back in 2016, and now a new series set in the Wizarding world will be a staple in cinemas for years to come. The sequel continues after the arrested Grindelwald escapes from prison and continues his plans to overthrow the world of No-Majs with pure blooded wizards. As Newt Scamander, Eddie Redmayne returns as the magizoologist to stop Grindelwald's plans and find friends with a younger version of a familiar character from "Harry Potter", played by Jude Law. Johnny Depp plays as the aforementioned Grindelwald, accompanied by Ezra Miller as the betrayed Credence Barebone. Long-time "Harry Potter" director, David Yates returns to direct this sequel and most likely for the next three films that would make up the rest of this series.

Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Planned since 2012 after the first "Wreck-it Ralph" wrecked nostalgia arcades, director Rich Moore said that he had more ideas to develop that were ripe for a sequel. With how much gaming has changed from arcade consoles to the seamless world of online gaming, there is a whole new area for Wreck-It Ralph and Princess Vanellope to explore. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman return as the leads respectively, with Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch reprising as Fix-It Felix and Sergeant Calhoun. This one is going to be a treat for anyone who grew up with all the Disney princesses from Snow White, all the way to Moana, or else it's going to feel like a big product placement ad for Disney.

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