12 reasons to watch "12 Strong"

12 reasons to watch "12 Strong"

Chris Hemsworth leads the role as Captain Mitch Nelson in "12 Strong".

Based on the bestselling non-fiction book "Horse Soldiers" by Doug Stanton, "12 Strong" tells a true story about the titular U.S. Special Forces team assigned to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban after the events of 9/11.

Now, the true story finally comes to cinematic life and here are the 12 reasons why you should check out this movie.

1. An all-star cast

(L-R) Michael Pena, Michael Shannon and Chris Hemsworth are some of the all-star ensembles in "12 Strong".

With familiar faces such as Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Pena and William Fichtner, need we say more? The cast lineup itself should make this movie an interesting watch when it comes to their chemistry with each other.

2. Jerry Bruckheimer is one of the producers

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer in one of the behind-the-scenes interview for "12 Strong".

The name Jerry Bruckheimer is no stranger to most mainstream audiences, having produced some of the biggest and high-profile Hollywood movies for decades. In fact, he also known for real-life military thrillers including "Pearl Harbor" and "Black Hawk Down".

3. Penned by a pair of noted screenwriters

A scene from "12 Strong".

Ted Tally and Peter Craig might not be familiar names, but they are responsible for writing some of the more recognisable Hollywood movies of the past. Tally is, of course, best known for penning the Oscar-winning adapted screenplay, "The Silence Of The Lambs". Peter Craig, in the meantime, has written for "The Town" as well as the two-part "Hunger Games: Mockingjay" movies.

4. Expect authenticity in the movie

A scene from "12 Strong".

The production team behind "12 Strong" has vowed to make the movie as authentic as possible. For instance, they insist on using real tanks from the White Sands Missile Range.

5. This would be a rare big-screen experience that focuses on U.S. Special Forces

Michael Shannon, Chris Hemsworth, Michael Pena and more in "12 Strong".

It's not every day that we get to see a high-profile studio movie about U.S. Special Forces. "12 Strong" is thankfully one of them, which will mark a fresh departure from the usual U.S. Marines-fronted military movies.

6. This marks the first onscreen pairing of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

A behind-the-scene screengrab of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in "12 Strong".

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky both tied the knot in December 2010, but surprisingly, the happily-married Hollywood couple have yet to star in a same project together. In "12 Strong", Pataky carries the role of Captain Mitch Nelson's (Hemsworth) wife, Jean.

7. Directed by an award-winning filmmaker

Nicolai Fuglsig, the Danish director behind "12 Strong".

"12 Strong" may have been Nicolai Fuglsig's feature-length directorial debut, but the Danish director has already made his mark helming a Sony Bravia commercial, which won the prestigious Gold Lion at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity in 2006.

8. The stunt sequences are coordinated by Mic Rodgers

One of the horseback action sequences in "12 Strong".

A military movie like "12 Strong" tends to be physically demanding. Thankfully, the movie enlists the help of Mic Rodgers, the veteran stunt coordinator known for movies like the "Lethal Weapon" series, "Rambo III" and most recently, "Hacksaw Ridge".

9. A post-9/11 war movie with a difference

A horseback scene from "12 Strong".

What makes "12 Strong" different than your usual post-9/11 war movies is how the U.S. military chooses to fight the Talibans. The answer: on horseback.

10. This is Chris Hemsworth's third real-life character

Chris Hemsworth in "12 Strong".

No doubt Chris Hemsworth is synonymous with his iconic Thor character, but the Australian hunk proved his acting prowess in the past, playing real-life characters in Ron Howard's "Rush" and "In The Heart Of The Sea". "12 Strong" is yet another ideal platform to stretch his acting muscles.

11. A war movie aiming to show two different cultures

Chris Hemsworth and Navid Negahban in "12 Strong".

Instead of focusing solely on the American point-of-view, "12 Strong" will be a story of two sides that includes the perspective of the Afghan people, who also join forces to fight the Taliban.

12. Chris Hemsworth does a lot of his own horse riding in this movie.

Chris Hemsworth in horseback action in "12 Strong".

We have seen Chris Hemsworth performing various stunts in the past, but watching him do most of the riding on a horseback while battling the Taliban? Nope. Fans of the actor are likely to enjoy this movie.

"12 Strong" is now showing in cinemas.

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