5 terminally important reasons to catch "Terminal"

5 terminally important reasons to catch "Terminal"

Margot Robbie in "Terminal".

From the stunning poster featuring Margot Robbie in a red coat to a pair of enigmatic yet stylish trailers, "Terminal" seems like an interesting movie to check out at our local cinemas this May.

Without much ado, here are our 5 reasons why you should watch "Terminal"!

1. Two words: Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie plays a nurse in "Terminal".

That's right. What excites us (or at least, this writer) the most is Margot Robbie taking the lead in this stylish neo-noir, "Terminal". In the trailer, we get to see her in a playful manner while exuding a dash of femme fatale appearance. If she's as good as she looks in the actual movie itself, this could prove another winner for the acclaimed Australian actress. After all, she's been in a hot streak ever since she made her breakthrough playing Leonardo DiCaprio's fiery wife in "The Wolf Of Wall Street" and even became one of DCEU's fan favourite as Harley Quinn in the otherwise critically-derided "Suicide Squad". Earlier this year alone, she received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress playing the disgraced real-life figure skater, Tonya Harding in "I, Tonya". Just like "I, Tonya", Margot Robbie also served as one of the producers in her latest movie under her own LuckyChap Entertainment production banner.

2. An eclectic cast

Yes, that's Mike Myers in "Terminal".

Margot Robbie is not only the centre of the attraction in "Terminal". The movie also seems to be aiming the black-comedy route. How else can you explain it when you see a movie featuring the likes of Simon Pegg and Mike Myers? Yes, that Mike Myers. The comedian who used to be famous in movies like "Wayne's World" and of course, the "Austin Powers" trilogy as well as his titular voice work in the "Shrek" animated franchise. And it's nice to see him back on the big screen after a long hiatus.

3. A refreshing genre for a change

Margot Robbie and Max Irons in "Terminal".

A neo-noir genre is actually nothing new, but releasing "Terminal" in the otherwise blockbuster-friendly May season offers a good alternative (read: counter-programming) for those who want to take a break from watching effects-laden Hollywood tentpole movies. Besides, some of us need a little genre diversity during the crowded summer-movie season.

4. A promising first-time director

Margot Robbie in a full femme fatale mode in "Terminal".

Vaughn who? The name "Vaughn Stein" may be a stranger to most audiences, but he's actually an industry veteran who cut his teeth working as an assistant director in various high-profile Hollywood movies. Among the recognisable ones are "Pirates On The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", "Les Miserables", "World War Z" and "Beauty And The Beast". It would be interesting what he has in store in his debut as both screenwriter and director of this movie.

5. This could be a fun little movie

Margot Robbie gets all cheeky as a waitress in "Terminal".

If you have seen both the teaser and its first full-length trailer, the marketing team behind "Terminal" made a smart choice not to give away the whole plot point. Which is a good thing, of course. Apart from showing stunning footage of Margot Robbie playing different characters ranging from a raven-haired killer to a blonde waitress and lots of neon-lit settings, "Terminal" seems like a neo-noir thriller with a quirky twist indeed.

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