5 things you should know about Jason Momoa's "Braven"

5 things you should know about Jason Momoa's "Braven"

Jason Momoa throws a flaming axe in a scene from "Braven".

Kicking a** is what Jason Momoa does best. We have seen him flexing his muscles and action chops in HBO's "Game Of Thrones", as well as in movies like "Conan The Barbarian" reboot, "Bullet To The Head" alongside Sylvester Stallone and last year's "Justice League" where he plays the role of Aquaman.

Now, the 38-year-old Honolulu hunk is back with a brand new action movie called "Braven", and as the movie finally comes our way here are the five things you should know about watching this thrilling piece!

1. It's an old-school action movie

Jason Momoa in a scene from "Braven".

No matter how state-of-the-art or convincing CGI is these days, nothing beats the old-school brutality and physical violence when it comes to delivering a hard-hitting action movie. That's exactly what "Braven" aims for, the kind of 80s and 90s muscular action genre used to be dominated by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone during their prime, except, this time, the muscleman in action is Jason Momoa.

2. Jason Momoa does his own stunts

Momoa likes doing his own stunts.

Well, not all of them, but it still worth noting that Jason Momoa's six-pack abs aren't just for showboating. He puts them to good use as he displays plenty of physically-demanding performances in "Braven". According to a recent interview of Momoa, he was accidentally knocked out by a stuntman during an ill-timed bar fight scene. Because of the incident, he ended up in the hospital to the point that the production had to be halted for a day.

3. Director Lin Oeding is a veteran stunt coordinator himself

Lin Oeding, the veteran stunt coordinator-turned-director.

"Braven" marks the Sacramento-born director's feature-length debut, whose previous directorial credits include numerous TV series like "Chicago P.D.", "Blindspot" and "Code Black". However, Lin Oeding is better known for his stunt work in some of the high-profile Hollywood blockbusters. Among them are "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End", "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen", "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming". Given his extensive stunt experience, an old-school action flick like "Braven" is no doubt a good jumping-off point for Oeding to diversify his career as a feature-length director.

4. Shot in a real location

Jason Momoa endures the freezing weather in "Braven".

The snow-covered landscape that you see in the movie is not generated on a green screen. Instead, "Braven" is filmed on location in the mountain wilderness of Newfoundland, Canada. It was a gruelling shoot that at one point, Jason Momoa and his stuntmen had to endure freezing temperatures while shooting a cliff-jumping sequence.

5. The movie is produced under Jason Momoa's production banner

Stephen Lang co-stars in "Braven".

It turns out that Jason Momoa is more than just a star in "Braven", he also happens to be one of the producers as well. The production banner in question is Pride of Gypsies, which was founded by Momoa back in 2010. "Braven" marks the second feature produced under the same banner after "Road To Paloma" in 2014.

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