"Stranger Things" brings 20,000 festival goers to the Upside Down!

"Stranger Things" brings 20,000 festival goers to the Upside Down!

Over the weekend of 20 to 21 July 2019, over 20,000 Good Vibes Festival attendees got to experience Netflix's "Stranger Things" attraction for the first time ever in Malaysia at Genting Highlands.

Dubbed #StrangerVibes, festival goers were transported into the universe of the popular sci-fi show via many interesting displays and set pieces from memorable scenes of the show.

Some enthusiastic fans even dressed up in their best '80s outfit for awesome photo opportunities.

Starcourt Mall

True-blue fans of the show would've instantly recognised the facade of the Netflix #StrangerVibes zone as it's designed to look like Starcourt Mall with the Mind Flayer atop it, a scene that's heavily featured in Season 3 of the show.

Byers' Living Room

Perhaps one of the more exciting set pieces was the Byers' Living Room. Although it wasn't an exact replica of the production set, the infinity room concept endless lights certainly made the space awesome for boomerang-worthy shots!

Two pretty cool backdrops

While we expected the Mind Flyer and bicycle backdrop, the other one featuring our very own Kuala Lumpur skyline is simply amazing. Fans got to recreate the sweet scene between Eleven and Mike, and even had props like a cap, backpack and skateboard to pose with!

Palace Arcade

The arcade space meant to replicate the Palace Arcade from the show was a popular hit with the crowd. So much so that we didn't even get a chance to play "Dig Dug", like Max did in season 2 of the show!

Flying Hawkins lab van

Remember season 1? Yes, you do. Especially that iconic scene where Eleven flips a Hawkins lab van with her telepathic powers?

Stranger Fan wall

Fans got to see the awesome fan art created by 18 artists from around the world, including our very own Penang-based Ong Lyn-Hui who was present at the event to meet curious fans!

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