Malaysian celebs' real names that you might not know

Malaysian celebs' real names that you might not know

Do you prefer these celebrities' stage names or their real names?
Do you prefer these celebrities' stage names or their real names?

Stage name plays an important part in a celebrity's life, aside from talents. However, it depends on the celebs themselves on whether they want to use their real name or use a nickname that's easier for fans to remember. Some celebrities even have personal nicknames that are "stuck" to them to this day.

Same as the late Tan Sri Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh, who went by P. Ramlee as his stage name. Maybe all this while you thought that some of the names used by celebrities in the local industry are really their real names, but really, they aren't! So, let's take a look at the real names of these celebs below.

Rosyam Nor

Datuk Rosyam Nor's name is well known in the Malaysian film industry, being one of the nation's renowned actor and director. Born Mohamed Noor bin Shamsuddin, he began his acting career once he completed the secondary school examination Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), through the movie "Gila-Gila Remaja". His breakout roles were when he starred in action movies "Castello" and "KL Menjerit". Apart from that, Rosyam also appeared in the Tamil box office hit "Kabali" that starred Rajinikanth.

AC Mizal

Comedian, actor and host Dato' AC Mizal never fails to entertain audiences with his comedy. The former member of hip hop group 4U2C was among the early picks to star in the drama series and movie "Gerak Khas". AC, real name Mizal bin Dato' Zaini, is also well known for movies like "Buli", "Baik Punya Cilok", "Cicak-Man" and "Cicak-Man 2 – Planet Hitam".

Remy Ishak

Remy Ishak, the Malayan Hero adored by his female fans every time he appears in dramas or films. Born Mohammad Zalimei bin Ishak, Remy used to work at the morning market selling fish and chicken to earn enough money for school fees, as well as did rubber tapping, being a lorry conductor and doing hard labour just to earn a living prior to becoming an actor. Some of the movies he'd starred in are "Sejoli: Misi Cantas Cinta", "Bu, Kasih Suci", "Sangkar" and "Dendam Pontianak".

Beto Kusyairy

Nurkusyairy Zakuan bin Osman, or more popularly known as Beto Kusyairy, is an actor with a big heart and high potential who is well known for movies like "Nur Kasih The Movie", "Jiwa Taiko", "Istanbul Aku Datang!", "CEO" and "Bisik Pada Langit". Beto's stage name is actually a nickname inspired from a Mexican drama that his friends call him by, so he started using it as his stage name. Beto will return to the silver screen with four movies soon, including the epic film "Mat Kilau".

Bront Palarae

With movies like "Headshot", "My Stupid Boss", "Pengabdi Setan" and "Gundala", Bront Palarae has successfully built a following in neighbouring country Indonesia. Bront's stage name comes from a nickname his family called him but was misheard by his friends and the name "stuck" to this day.

Born Nasrul Suhaimin bin Saifuddin, the actor is also a producer, director and scriptwriter who has starred in over 50 movies. "Crossroads: One Two Jaga", the movie produced under his company Pixel Play, even nabbed Best Film at the 30th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM 30).

Umie Aida

Datin Seri Umie Aida, born Umi Khalsum binti Rahmad Ali, kicked off her acting career at 18 years of age. Often paired with Rosyam Nor, Umie is now one of the renowned actresses in Malaysia as well as Asia. Since Umie is often cast to lead movies and dramas that are set in olden times, she's earned the nickname Ratu Filem Epik (epic film queen). Among her iconic works are "Leftenan Adnan", "Embun", "Qaisy & Laila", "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa" and "Dukun".

Aeril Zafrel

The real name of Aeril Zafrel, husband to actress Wawa Zainal, is Suhairil bin Sunari. Aeril was introduced to the entertainment world by his adopted father, the late 1980s actor and singer Khairil Khamis. Aeril previously went through several name changes, from Airil Yayang to Suhairil Suhari to Aeril Sunari and Farel. Having starred in movies like "7 Petala Cinta", "99 Kali Rindu" and "KL Vampires", Aeril will be seen soon in three upcoming movies.

Syafiq Kyle

Mohd Syafiq Shamim bin Abdul Razak, that's the real name of Syafiq Kyle, who previously nabbed the first runner-up spot in the Hero Remaja 2011/12 competition. His portrayal of Ustaz Adam in the drama series "Nur" made such an impact that it successfully boosted his popularity. In fact, Syafiq also dared to step out of his comfort zone when he starred in the horror mystery movie "Pusaka" last year. Syafiq has previously stated that he was more comfortable keeping secret the origin and meaning of his name 'Kyle'.

Hannah Delisha

The popularity of petite singer-actress Hannah Delisha, who hails from Singapore, continues to grow bigger in Malaysia. Hannah, following her breakout role in the drama adaptation of the novel "Mencintaimu Mr. Photographer", often melts fans' hearts with her cutesy character and doll-like face. The real name of this actress, who made her big screen debut with "Langsuir", is Hannah Adlina Blackburne Birch.

Que Haidar

Que Haidar is one of the actors who often leave a deep impact on audiences with their acting. That's no surprise, since prior to his silver screen days, Que, or real name Tengku Iskhan Shah bin Tengku Haidar, was previously a student of The National Academy of Arts Culture & Heritage (Akademi Seni Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA)) who was active in stage plays. Among the movies Que has starred in are "Zombi Kampung Pisang", " Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" and "Rock Oo!".

Pekin Ibrahim

Mohd Iznan bin Ibrahim, or more popularly known as Pekin Ibrahim is an actor, director, scriptwriter and producer. After rising to fame with "Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah", the actor now has more than 30 movies under his belt. Pekin, who married actress Mona Allen, real name Munna Hafiraneza Allen, will soon be seen in four more new movies.

Elly Mazlein

Once she opens her mouth, she just won't stop! That's actress and singer Elly Mazlein, born Sharifah Aida Mazlina binti Syed Hanafi. Elly, who also goes by the moniker Kak Lina Pom Pom, started her acting career through the series "Gerak Khas" and is now well-known for her role in the series "Kampung People", which created a phenomenon of its own following its release.


Who doesn't know the nation's popular rock star Dato' Awie, or his real name Ahmad Azhar bin Othman, the main vocalist of the band Wings? Awie appeared on the big screen for the first time in the 1990s and has since grown a successful acting career, especially after he was cast in films of various genres, including the horror comedies by Mamat Khalid, "Zombi Kampung Pisang" and "Hantu Kak Limah".

Nazim Othman

A big fan of Korea and K-pop, Nazim Othman is often called 'oppa' by his own fans. The actor, who previously worked as a Malaysia Airlines flight attendant, can often be seen on the small screen starring in romantic dramas, including portraying a Korean man in "Cinta Teruna Kimchi". For the uninitiated, Nazim's real name is Nushrul Alif bin Othman.

Emma Maembong

Despite having been embroiled in various controversies, Emma Maembong remains professional and pushes on with her acting career. The actress, who often appears in romantic drama series, combined her real name, Fatimah Rohani, with her father's name, Ismail Embong, to come up with her stage name. The Mamat Khalid-helmed "Werewolf Dari Bangladesh" was Emma's first silver screen work.

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