Singaporean movies that you can stream online

Singaporean movies that you can stream online

 Find out where to stream these Singaporean movies.
Find out where to stream these Singaporean movies.

If you've always been a movie lover who loves watching movies of any genre, from any era, you're no doubt thrilled by the prospect of digging through streaming platform's movie catalogues to look for cinematic gems.

Today, let's take a look at what Singapore has to offer. Being a country made up of a melting pot of cultures, movies from the island nation come in various languages, mostly Chinese, Malay, Indian and English. Some of these movies are also co-productions with other countries such as neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia. Check them out below!

"Ah Boys to Men" Franchise

Can't get enough of the ah boys' funny antics? Then it's time to do an "Ah Boys to Men" movie marathon and watch all four movies in one go! Start off with the 2012 first instalment, followed by 2013's "Ah Boys to Men 2", 2015's "Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen" and 2017's Ah Boys to Men 4". This Jack Neo-helmed franchise features a cast led by Joshua Tan, Tosh Zhang, Maxi Lim, Noah Yap and Wang Weiliang. All the movies can be streamed on Netflix, or either purchased or rented via Apple iTunes.

"Revenge of the Pontianak"

Inject some horror into your Netflix playlist with this pontianak movie. The titular supernatural entity is a female vampire ghost preeminent in Southeast Asian folklore, often depicted as a beautiful woman (before she reveals her real face, that is). Set in a 1960s Malaysian village, this Singaporean Malay-language movie is led by Malaysian stars Fazura, who plays the title ghost, and Remy Ishak, who plays the groom-to-be she is terrorising in the name of revenge.

"A Yellow Bird"

K. Rajagopal made his feature directorial debut with "A Yellow Bird" in 2016. Since then, the drama film has represented Singapore at various international film festivals. It follows ex-convict Siva who is released after eight years in prison but receives a cold welcome home from his mother. After deciding to leave home to go look for his ex-wife and daughter, he later becomes close to a social worker who has her own fears to deal with. This movie is currently available to stream on Netflix.

"Chennai 2 Singapore"

Did you know that the Media Development Authority of Singapore co-produced this Tamil-language rom-com? Reportedly the first joint effort by the Tamil and Singaporean film industries, the movie stars Gokul Anand opposite Anju Kurian and tells of an Indian filmmaker who travels to Singapore to meet a producer but inadvertently runs into a series of misfortune while in the country. You can laugh out loud to this movie either by renting it or purchasing it on Apple iTunes.

"Buffalo Boys"

This Indonesian–Singaporean martial arts western film was Singapore's submission to the 91st Academy Awards. Stream this on Netflix when you're in the mood for something western, yet very regionally flavoured. Written and directed by Mike Wiluan (the same man behind HBO series "Grisse" that's set in the same movie universe), it stars Ario Bayu and Yoshi Sudarso as brothers who, upon their return to Indonesia, use the skills they learned during their cowboy way of life to avenge their father's murder.

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