Movies to watch at Japanese Film Festival 2022

Movies to watch at Japanese Film Festival 2022

Be mesmerised!
Be mesmerised!

The arrival of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) each year is always met with welcoming anticipation. The JFF 2022 this year is the 18th edition of the annual celebration, bringing over 12 titles ranging from a variety of genres - drama, documentary, romance, youth and animation; highlighting various aspects of the Japanese culture through the cinema while satisfying the cinematic cravings and capturing the minds and hearts for film fans and newcomers alike.

Read on for our quick guide of the movies of JFF 2022 to find out what are the films on offer this year so you can make your choice on what to catch before they move on to the next location!

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This story is about a young girl and her stepmother, and a daughter and father. What is the truth behind the lies that each family told the women? Shocking surprises emerge when the tales of two families intersect.

The movie is an adaptation of the eponymous hit novel by Meiko Seo, and stars Japan's most popular actresses Nagano Mei and Ishihara Satomi.


A rookie female director goes to battle with a genius director coming out with his latest anime! Delightful story about the people putting their lives on the line to produce anime!

This exciting drama is a live-action movie, and yet it amply captures the fascination of anime through the unique anime story worlds. Don't miss this duel between popular stars Yoshioka Riho and Nakamura Tomoya!


Two men who are boxers, and a woman. This heart-wrenching drama portrays their secret love triangle, fast friendship and passion for boxing and casts a warm gaze on losers and winners alike.

This drama uses the unforgiving sport of boxing to show that there is no clear winner. Yoshida Keisuke's splendid direction exudes emotions that are kept hidden, and audiences will undoubtedly be moved by Urita's emotional state as portrayed by the young actor Matsuyama Kenichi.


Ride the air currents! In this coming-of-age animation, an ordinary Japanese college student plunges into the world of competitive gliding. Mesmerised by the blue skies, she matures while being challenged by rivals and revered teammates.

This coming-of-age animation portrays college students enthralled by the world of gliding and ascension. Audiences can related to the heroine as she matures while struggling with relationships. Notable for visuals saturated with beauty and openness that enable viewers to share with the protagonists the thrills and pleasures of flying.


To keep her promise with her high school teacher, a young woman stands up to save an old cinema with nearly 100 years of history from closing down.

A feel-good drama that shows that perhaps, a little fib will go a long way.


A beautiful documentary that's filled with love about the elderly and caregiving, and about the life of a 98-year-old father and 90-year-old mother who suffered from dementia. It is heartbreaking as the mother gradually loses her abilities to do everyday tasks. Meanwhile, their daughter chronicles the painful reality of their lives with as much love and humour as possible.


Murders committed through starvation turn back the clock... The detective investigating the bizarre incidents identifies a suspect who might have taken shelter at the evacuation centre where he stayed.

The film is a mystery about a murder investigation and also a social drama furiously critical of society. Popular actors Sato Takeru and Abe Hiroshi throw themselves wholeheartedly into their roles. Directed by Takahisa Zeze who is one of Japan's leading directors.


How many apologies are needed for forgiveness? This deeply moving drama graphically depicts a father outraged by his daughter's death and people involved in the accident driven to the edge by his anger.

The film captivates viewers with surprising plot developments and intricate portrayals of the behavior and psychology of people caught in extreme situations. This unusual drama deals with questions of absolution and spiritual restitution.


Traditional musicians used songs to pass down the tale of the warfare that once divided Japan. In the 14th century, those songs become fated for censorship when the government put their official history in order. Blind musician Tomona has a fateful encounter with Inu-oh, the dancer with unique physical characteristics, and they electrify the populace with their radically new music and dance.

This animation uses bold concepts and beautiful visuals to portray the birth of a traditional Japanese performing art. Director Yuasa Masaaki portrays the medieval hero entertainers as rock stars.


A love story between a stage lighting staff and his taxi driver girlfriend revisiting their relationship in reverse and recalling their most intimate moments. The story reveals the early days of Teruo and Yo's romance and how they first met. Just remembering those sweet days of two clumsy and pure people, the days that are now gone forever.


A heart-warming tale of Meebo, a student with a never-ending passion towards fish and finding her path in life with the love and support from people surrounding her. Meebo's father worries that his child is different from other kids, whereas Meebo's mom, in contrast warmly watches and supports Meebo.


Blind girl Akari shines bright in the darkness in an ex-kickboxer's life, he who works a shady job as a mob debt collector and lives alone. While their hearts get closer, little do they know that his bitter past and her sight loss are deeply intertwined.

Features the theme song with the same title performed by BTS.

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