The heroes of "Big Hero 6"

The heroes of "Big Hero 6"

What promises to be the next big superhero flick, "Big Hero 6" will be Disney's 54th animated feature and also be the very first Disney animated film to feature characters from Marvel Entertainment.

The upcoming film tells the story of a smart prodigy named Hiro Hamada and Baymax, a robot created by Hiro's brother, going on an exciting adventure to uncover a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the metropolis city of San Fransokyo (A blend words between San Francisco and Tokyo). Hiro and Baymax join forces with a team of inexperienced, first-time crime fighters to solve the mysteries of the crime.

Check out the posters and film stills as we explore the voice cast behind the film, "Big Hero 6"!

Aunt Cass Hamada, Hiro's overworked but supportive aunt.

Hiro carefully putting on armour parts on Baymax.

Hiro and Baymax sneaking out.
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