Rajinikanth's "Kabali" fever is here!

Rajinikanth's "Kabali" fever is here!

Hollywood may have their Chuck Norris and East Asia may have their Jackie Chan, but in the world of Indian cinema, neither both of them combined can stand to the star power that is Rajinikanth. A box office conqueror in Bollywood, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Tamil cinema where he has elevated to almost God-like status, the former bus conductor's rise to becoming India's mega star is almost made by the stuff of legends. Embodying as THE 'Super Star', which may sound like a humbling misnomer to his most hardcore fans, it attests to his influence that movies are not made for Rajinikanth, but rather movies are made by his celebrity (and some say transcendental) presence, and those said fans would believe that the earth and heavens are moved for his movies. With his hotly anticipated theatrical release of "Kabali" that caused the internet to explode, in Malaysian cinemas on 22 July, we point out the highlights of his career, out of his over 150 films that would serve as a good introduction for anyone who has not heard of the biggest living cinematic legend.

Fans in Malaysia flock cinemas to watch "Kabali". (Photo Source: Daniel Tung Facebook)

Some had waited for hours to get tickets! (Photo Source: Wolf Blood Facebook) )

Fake tickets circulating for sale before the movie's
release prompted a cinema to put up this notice.
(Photo Source: Jyothi Nair Facebook)

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