"Captain America: Civil War" presents Team Cap's character posters

"Captain America: Civil War" presents Team Cap's character posters

If you haven't picked a side for the upcoming "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War", Disney has just released a bunch of character posters that might help you make up your mind.

In this Captain America movie, the super-soldier and his military pal will be fighting on the same side against the new restrictive government regulations on superheroes and he is forced to go against Iron Man and his team to help Bucky.

With both sides wanting justice to be served, how will the Marvel cinematic universe pan out after this film?

Below, you can have a look at the images for Bucky Barnes, Cap's oldest friend who was believed to be dead until he returned as the mind-wiped cyborg Winter Soldier, and Scott Lang (Ant-Man) brought on to help by Falcon.

Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye are also on board Team Cap for their very own reasons, but it sure is exciting to finally have two teams of powerful heroes go against each other!

Here's Team Cap!

*Ignore the dates in the posters below, the release date for "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War" in Malaysia and Singapore is 28 April 2016.

Steve Rodgers, Bucky Barnes and Scott Lang are all in for Team Cap.

Steve Rodgers will not stop until his best friend, Bucky is saved.

Falcon brought Ant-Man to join the team after they crossed paths in "Marvel's Ant-Man".

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