"Lego Batman" character posters are really adorable!

"Lego Batman" character posters are really adorable!

"The Lego Batman Movie" which is a supposed spin-off of the first Lego movie is definitely on everyone's list for the most awaited movies of 2017. Taking on the comical yet mysterious side of the Batman story, the movie tells the tale of the caped crusader battling the force of evil, led by his arch nemesis 'The Joker' in the Lego realm. Needing help to catch the evil genius, Batman acquires the help of Lego Robin, Batgirl among others, but stopping Joker would not be that easy as Batman's about to learn. Releasing four well received trailers over the past few months, Warner Bros. have now released six close-up looks to the main characters which includes Lego Joker, Lego Batgirl and the fan favourite, Alfred the butler. The trailer which can be seen here coupled with these newly launched posters indicates that the movie is going to be a fun and awesome ride. So, sit back and enjoy "The Lego Batman Movie" gallery below.

Batman's suit resembles the one worn by Ben Affleck in
"Batman vs Superman" during the battle with Superman.

You can bet that the Joker at one point of time in the
movie will use this tagline against Batman.

The pants ripping (see the trailer to know why) Robin looks more
than determined to impress Batman and to take down the Joker.

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