First look at Nicholas Saputra in "Interchange"

First look at Nicholas Saputra in "Interchange"

Nicholas Saputra most recently made a big screen comeback via the sequel to the hit Indonesian movie, "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta".

Soon, the 32-year-old will be seen portraying a widely different character in supernatural mystery-thriller, "Interchange".

Directed by Malaysian director, Dain Said, the movie follows a man named Adam, a forensics photographer who is dragged by his best friend, Detective Man, into an investigation of a series of macabre ritual murders in the city.

Adam soon befriends Iva, a woman who is on a mission to rescue the souls of the people in her tribe that have been trapped inside a glass plate negative. The tribe's spirit, played by Nicholas, takes on the form of a human in order to help Iva.

"Interchange" stars a mix of Indonesian and Malaysian cast including Nicholas, Shaheizy Sam, Iedil Putra and Prisia Nasution.

Here is the first look at their characters:

"Interchange" stars Indonesian and Malaysian actors.

Nicholas Saputra plays a spirit named Belian.

Shaheizy Sam is hard-nosed cop, Detective Man.

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