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The 16 movies you should have seen in 2016

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

There have been thousands of Hollywood films released this year, but with big releases securing the attention of the majority, there are some underappreciated films of 2016 that have managed to fly under the radar. It is smaller limited release movies like these that don't exactly rely on the big thrills, cast names and gimmicky marketing - preferring to go the indie route with unusual and often unexplored tales to remind us why great storytelling allows movies to be considered as works of art in the first place. Some of the carefully selected films below may not have even seen a general release at our cinemas, but these 2016 titles deserves all the eyes and acclaim from movie lovers who can appreciate films that have great writing, brilliant acting and originality which is gradually becoming scarce. Here are the films you should've seen in 2016.

The Neon Demon

The attention seeking, beauty and popularity obsessed world of today should watch "The Neon Demon", an effectively stylish psychological thriller by Nicolas Winding Refn. An aspiring model played by Elle Fanning, an innocent ethereal small-town girl is lulled to acclimate to the disturbing world of modelling in Los Angeles. She meets models, photographers and a stylist; the latter whom she befriends; but do they all have the best intentions for her? The plot might move too slowly at times, especially when it is unforgivingly basking in its visual glory, but that's where the strength of the film lies, especially if you stick around until the end for the disturbing twist payoff.

The Witch

We're all too used to seeing horror movies set in contemporary settings that we've seen it all done before. So, if you're looking for a new brand of horror that will scare the wits out of you, then "The Witch", a period horror film following a Puritan family in the woods of 17th century New England, is one you should watch. A family is banished from a Puritan plantation after questioning the New Testament and set up their home in a secluded forest. Shortly after the matriarch of the family gives birth to a baby boy, he goes missing. The family thinks that it is the work of witches in the woods, but they soon start turning on each other, especially on Thomasin; the eldest daughter; who they suspect are practicing witchcraft. Talking goats, disemboweled animals and seizures, this is a film that will get under your skin, so what else could you ask for?

Captain Fantastic

Not your typical family-friendly film, "Captain Fantastic" is about a huge self-reliant family who has to rejoin society after living in the wilderness for years. Led by patriarch, Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen), the family hunt for their own food, grow their own vegetables and instead of text books and colouring books, are thought to read philosophy and great works of literature. They are also allowed to curse to express what they feel and have no barriers when it comes to learning; like asking questions about sex no matter how age appropriate they are! When the matriarch of the family who has been in a hospital for a while, dies, the family has to re-enter society to attend her funeral. Mortensen is brilliant and occasionally funny as he tries to guide his equally impressive young cast on the ways of navigating life. This film is thought-provoking and breaks the norm on what a typical family as per what society dictates should be.

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Cinema Online, 29 December 2016

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