Action movies that inspire "Jailbreak"

Action movies that inspire "Jailbreak"

Prisons are supposed to be the place where authority holds the reins of power, but what happens when power changes hand? In "Jailbreak", while escorting Playboy, the legendary "leader" of the Butterfly Gang, to a high security prison, an elite police squad and a French liaison officer are placed in a tight spot when all hell breaks loose with the inmates out for Playboy's head. Now, the team must fight for their way out while making sure that Playboy stays alive until order is once again instilled in the facility. Before waiting for "Jailbreak" to open in cinemas this 2 November, take a look at these action movies which inspired the upcoming must-watch action movie.

Polis Evo

Despite the heavy action scenes in "Jailbreak", fans will definitely be chuckling and laughing thanks to Playboy's funny antics. And what other movie that cleverly combines humour and action comes to mind other than our very own "Polis Evo". When an old drug trafficker is found dead in a back alley in Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur's best narcotic officer Inspector Khai must join forces with Inspector Sani to solve the case. With one personality differing from the other, both must put their differences aside to catch the person responsible.

Escape Plan

Being a movie set in a prison and features people trying to escape from it, "Escape Plan" would definitely inspire the making of "Jailbreak". Ray Breslin has spent his life being undercover as an inmate and breaking out of prisons to test the reliability of maximum security facilities. Despite its sketchiness, Breslin decides to take a job determining if a top-secret, off-grid prison is escape-proof. While preparing for his disguise, he soon finds out that he has been deceived and is thrown into the facility with no protection and colleagues to request help from. Now, Breslin must enlist the help of fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer and find a way to escape from the world's most secure prison ever built.

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