Annabelle creates more horror in "Annabelle: Creation"

Annabelle creates more horror in "Annabelle: Creation"

Annabelle the haunted doll is back in the follow-up to 2014's "Annabelle", this time with director David F. Sandberg at the helm. Sandberg's success with his major directorial debut, "Lights Out" (2016), has proven that this is one horror movie to look forward to. Serving as a prequel, "Annabelle: Creation" will tell of how the haunted doll came to be, which will be quite different than what was portrayed in the first film, seeing how this time around the doll will be possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle instead of an adult in a cult as seen in the 2014 movie. Check out the stills below, courtesy of Coming Soon, to get a feel of "Annabelle: Creation" before it starts haunting the big screen this 9 August in Singapore and 10 August in Malaysia.

It's scary when a doll suddenly turns its head to stare at you.

It's not a normal house when people start levitating in it.

Annabelle must have climbed into her rocking chair on her own again.

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