Characters you didn't realise were gay in these movies

Characters you didn't realise were gay in these movies

Why is Josh Gad's LeFou as a gay character in the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" such a big deal? Was it because director Bill Condon's well-meaning announcement of the live-action adaptation giving the character an "exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie" created an unnecessary backlash, which probably would have not happen did he not say anything and let audiences watch it for themselves? Like these films below that somehow made it to our screens with one or more (obvious or not) LGBTQ characters. Check them out below to see if you had even realised it!

"Hercules" (1997), Hades.

Like every girl's best friend, it is hard to believe that this highly sassy Hades is actually heterosexual, especially when he gives all the snappy 'guy' advise to Meg.

"The Lion King" (1994), Timon and Pumbaa.

Hey, it has been long speculated that the duo are more than just best friends, but this can be left to everyone's own interpretation. Some even say that apart from being a couple, Timon and Pumbaa could be the first interracial couple in a Disney film.

"Aladdin" (1992), Genie.

It could be just his overly flamboyant antics and all, but there are moments that proof Genie could actually be batting for the other team. If this is untrue, it doesn't help that there are dozens of fanfiction revolving around Genie and Aladdin's 'special' relationship.

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