[Photos] It's a fiery battle in "Killing Gunther"

[Photos] It's a fiery battle in "Killing Gunther"

It's not easy to be king, and it is definitely harder to dethrone one. That is a lesson that is to be learned by a group of assassins in "Killing Gunther" as they try to put an end on the world's most notorious hitman, Gunther. Not wanting for their assassination to be without proof, the team then threatens a film crew at gun point to document all their efforts, resulting in the mockumentary that viewers will witness in the cinemas. Before catching these hilarious attempts in cinemas, check out the movie stills below to see what it takes for everyone to be "Killing Gunther".

"Saturday Night Life" Taran Killam as career assassin Blake who is determine to put an end on his competitor, Gunther.

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on the role as the hilarious yet deadly killer Gunther.

An assassination attempt gone wrong that has Blake beaten by Gunther.

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