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Types of cinema halls and seats in Malaysia

Writer: Florey DM

With a plethora of new cinemas cropping up almost in every corner of the country every year, Malaysian moviegoers are no doubt spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect cinemas to indulge in cinematic pleasure. It's not just the quantity but the quality. As more cinemas open nationwide, the exhibitors also introduce various kinds of hall and seat types to keep things fresh and attractive to consumers, thus improving the quality of cinematic offerings. No babysitters for your kids this weekend? No worries, bring your little ones along to one of the kid-friendly halls! Want to fully immerse yourself in a movie? Try the new MX4D seats which give you motion and live special effects! Think that bigger is always better? Catch a movie in IMAX or Big Screen! Confused with all these different options? Check out below the types of halls and seats available in Malaysia:

If it's action that you're looking for, give MBO Cinemas MX4D (RM20) a shot. MBO Cinemas The Starling introduced Malaysia's first ever MX4D seats (motion seats coupled with wind, scent, fog and various other special effects) in its hybrid hall, which combines 64 MX4D seats and 48 Premier Seats in one hall. (Photo source: MBO Cinemas).

There is another type of motion seat that MBO Cinemas offer, namely the Actuator Seats (RM20-30), which doesn't have any special effects but will vibrate with the sounds of the movie. Like MX4D seats, they do not have their own dedicated halls but instead occupy the back rows of standard halls. First introduced at MBO Citta Mall, it is currently available at MBO Cinemas Imago Mall.

Similar to the abovemen tioned seat is the GSC D-Box (RM30-60). The motion seats will vibrate or rock along to the action happening onscreen, making you feel like you're in the movie itself! GSC D-Box seats are available at nine locations nationwide, though they also share the halls with standard seats (Photo source: GSC Cinemas).

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Cinema Online, 28 April 2017

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