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Movies to catch at Latin American Film Festival 2017

Writer: Florey DM

The Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) returns for its 16th edition in Malaysia, this time also making its first comeback on the big screen since 2010. To be held at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) from this 1 to 8 November, there are a total of 12 movies from 11 Latin American countries, along with guest country South Africa, in this year's line-up. The movies come from various genres, which include award-winning titles such as the animated film "Anina" and the family drama "The Good People", as well as Venezuela's highest-grossing horror film "The House at the End of Time". CLICK HERE to get more info on the festival and check the cinema showtimes for all the 12 movies!

Cuba Libre (Spanish)
A great watch for those looking to learn more about Cuban History. As seen through the eyes of two young boys, Simon and Samuel, the movie tells of the war between Cuba and Spain, which ended when Cuba received assistance from America in 1898. However, while Spain was exiting the country, the Americans start to take over.

The Man From The Future (Portugese)
When scientist and physic professor João Henrique accidentally invents a time machine, he goes back in time to warn his then-teenage self about the impending public humiliation from his then-girlfriend Helena, while also giving his younger self some finance tips. Thinking that he's changed his life for the better, he returns to the present time only to find his life much worse.

Inseparables (Spanish)
An Argentinian remake of 2011 French box office hit, "The Intouchables". When wealthy businessman Felipe is left as a quadriplegic after an accident, he ends up hiring his resigning gardener Tito to become his therapeutic assistant, despite the many other qualified candidates. This leads to the two forming an unlikely bond with each other.
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Cinema Online, 25 October 2017

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