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Movies to catch at Latin American Film Festival 2017

Writer: Florey DM

The Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) returns for its 16th edition in Malaysia, this time also making its first comeback on the big screen since 2010. To be held at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) from this 1 to 8 November, there are a total of 12 movies from 11 Latin American countries, along with guest country South Africa, in this year's line-up. The movies come from various genres, which include award-winning titles such as the animated film "Anina" and the family drama "The Good People", as well as Venezuela's highest-grossing horror film "The House at the End of Time". CLICK HERE to get more info on the festival and check the cinema showtimes for all the 12 movies!

U-Carmen (Xhosa)
A modern South African take on French composer Georges Bizet's 19th century opera "Carmen". The movie focuses on Carmen, a cigarette factory worker who gets sent to prison after hurting her housemate with a knife. She convinces officer Jongikhaya to help her escape, promising her love in return. When she turns back on her words, Jongikhaya vows to let no one else have her.

Margarita (Spanish)
This heart-warming comedy centres on a father-daughter pair. Rafo, a divorced father in his forties who still behaves like single people in their twenties, has to start being more responsible when his 11-year-old daughter Margarita suddenly shows up at his house one day and moves in with him.

Illusions S.A. (Spanish)
A good intention turns chaotic in this comedy drama when Mr. Balboa hires a couple of impersonators to act as his presumably-deceased grandson and the grandson's wife. All is seemingly coming along well, until they learn that the grandson is actually alive and on his way home.
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Cinema Online, 25 October 2017

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