Things you might have missed at the Oscars!

Things you might have missed at the Oscars!

The 89th Academy Awards really got a lot of people talking as do all the previous Oscar shows, however, this year the major blunder thanks to the incorrect announcement of the Best Picture category really got tongues wagging! But enough about that, here are some fun or just bizarre moments you might've missed at this year's show!

Justin Timberlake video-bombing Emma Stone on the red carpet

Matt Damon trying to trip Jimmy Kimmel

Nicole Kidman really claps like The Grinch!

Taraji P. Henson asking Octavia Spencer if she will be sharing her candy

But then Taraji got caught her own bag!

Ryan Gosling whispering a 'secret' to a lucky fan.

Kate McKinnon walking in like a boss with Jason Bateman.

Ryan Gosling couldn't keep his giggle in when the Best Picture winner was discovered to be wrongly announced!

Emma Stone was all "oh my god", "oh my god".

These are all the shocked faces. Spot any famous faces?

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