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Sinister presence lurks in the spooky "Realms"

Writer: Florey DM

It starts off as a violent midday bank robbery in Bangkok, Thailand, perpetrated by Bobby Prospero and his drug-addict girlfriend, Jewel. They hold McQuade hostage, forcing him to become their getaway driver, until all three of them eventually end up taking refuge at a mysterious mansion in the woods. The criminals hold two more hostages when Leslie and Brooke also stumble upon the house after escaping from a severe car accident. Soon the five of them realise that something sinister is lurking inside the house. Catch a glimpse of the horror in the movie stills below before entering the spooky "Realms" in cinemas this 18 January.

Jewel not playing nice either.

Bobby and Jewel taking refuge at a secluded mansion.

Leslie and Brooke are lost in the woods after escaping from a car accident.

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Cinema Online, 17 January 2018

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