Movie snacks you can make and enjoy at home

Movie snacks you can make and enjoy at home

With almost everyone forced to stay at home now, most people find themselves with plenty of time to spend catching up on TV series or movies, both new and older releases. And what's the fun of binge-watching without some snacks to munch on? Here we list down several easy to make recipes (time to get some groceries delivered if you're missing the ingredients!), some are wholesome snacks for the whole family, some are more suitable for adults only. Choose wisely and enjoy the snacks!

Easy to prepare and loved by both kids and adults! Either serve these fried nuggets on a
plate or skewer them to keep the remote controls clean from oily paws.
Best eaten with chilli sauce and/or ketchup.
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Either just stick a plain fried hot dog on a skewer (coat with batter before frying for an extra kick)
or, if you have cheese, make it super cute as illustrated. Scrumdiddlyumptious has the
recipe for this adorable octopus hot dog.

If there are hot dog buns and ingredients for chili available in your kitchen, you have
to make chilli dogs. It'll be more filling, albeit much messier to eat.
My Food and Family has an easy 30-minute recipe you can follow.

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