Strange occurrences on the sets of Malaysian horror films

Strange occurrences on the sets of Malaysian horror films

In making a horror movie, no matter the filmmakers or the cast, they no doubt will want the best result to really give an impact on audiences. Therefore, they must truly embody their characters and the film set must also be relevant with the story they wish to deliver. Since we're talking horror movies here, surely there are scary and spooky occurrences encountered by the cast and crew on set, right? So, let's recount the tales that several celebrities have shared regarding their experiences on their horror film sets!

Even though she didn't experience any disturbances, Maya Karin was informed that the production
crew did see a strange entity on the filming location of "Munafik 2".

While filming her first movie, "Langsuir", Hannah Delisha said that she saw a mysterious entity
and heard a mysterious voice, while another actor was almost possessed.

On his way home after filming "Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi", Alif Satar was followed by a mysterious entity.
Aside from that, the production crew also saw a few entities on the filming location.

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