Tamil movies to watch on Netflix

Tamil movies to watch on Netflix

Cinemas are going to stay closed for a while so at the moment, cinephiles will have to turn to streaming platforms to get their movie fix. Being one of the more prominent OTT services, Netflix has plenty of movies to offer, of various genres and languages. For fans of Tamil movies, this list is for you. In case there were some of the Tamil titles you didn't get to catch in cinemas last year, here we've compiled for you the ones that are now available for streaming on Netflix.

"Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu" is a drama film written and helmed by first time director
Athiyan Athirai. It stars Attakathi Dinesh as a lorry driver at a scrap dealership, where things
turn awry when the workers there revolt against the brute owner and at the same time,
they discover an unexploded bomb at the dealership's compound.

This Kumaran-helmed movie is categorised as a sports horror film. "Jada" stars Kathir as the
fearless titular football player, who decides to join a football tournament in his
neighbourhood in hopes of winning it and putting a stop to it once and for all.

"K.D (a) Karuppu Durai", directed by Madhumitha, stars Mu Ramaswamy as old man Karuppudurai
and Nagavishal as young orphan Kutty. The two meet when Karuppudurai, after waking up from
a coma only to find out his family's real plan for him, runs away from home.
Together, the unlikely pair embarks on an eventful road trip.

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