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Must-watch Thai movies on Netflix

Writer: Nisa Irina

It's well known that Thailand has a diverse range of cinematic wonder, from comedies to romcoms to horrors and thrillers. Aside from being entertaining, Thai films are also packed with messages and useful lessons for the audience. One of the movies that remain everyone's favourite is "Nang Nak", based on a Thai legend. While we have plenty of time to spend at home, let's take a look at interesting Thai films that we can now watch on Netflix!

"Nang Nak" is one of the Thai movies that remain a favourite among audiences.
Based on the legend Mae Nak Phra Khanong, it follows Nang Nak who lives with her husband, Mak.
When Mak leaves to join the army, Nak dies while giving birth to their first child. When Mak returns home,
he doesn't know that his wife has passed away and he is now living with her ghost.

"Phobia 2" combines five different scary tales: "Novice", "Ward", "Backpackers", "Salvage"
and "In the End". According to audiences' reviews, many of them could only stand the gruesome
movie up until the fourth tale, due to their fear and phobia of its horrifying storyline.
So challenge yourself by watching all five tales in this horror movie!

"Bangkok Hell" brings audiences to the dark side of prison life. The movie follows Ray,
who is incarcerated for his involvement in an accidental death. One of the wardens
wants to help free Ray, under the condition that Ray has to work for him. When Ray

notices that most of the prisoners are innocent, he tries to find a way to help
them without thinking of the dangerous consequences.

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Cinema Online, 23 April 2020

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