What's next for Nick Cheung?

What's next for Nick Cheung?

Tell us about your character in "Stool Pigeon". Any differences between your previous character from "Beast Stalker"?
A: In my opinion, the characters aren't any different; it's the process of filming that's different now. Previously when we did "Beast Stalker", it was full of hardships! Luckily the movie did well, and we enjoyed the process of filming "Stool Pigeon" since we went through tough times together.

Did you feel anypressure while filming "Stool Pigeon", since you've garnered six best Actor awards for "Beast Stalker"?

A: To be honest, not really. I think these awards are a way of encouragement for me. If I keep thinking about them, it would be a burden for me to carry around, since it'll affect my work and all. When I went into filming for "Stool Pigeon", I worked hard to make this movie a success, nothing more than that.

So, do you think you'll bag another award for this movie?
A: Ah, I didn't think much of it, actually! If I keep reminding myself of that, then it'll be another pressure on me! Also, it's too early to be talking about awards right now, isn't it? I'm sure everyone wants to win awards, but it's not up to me or anyone to determine who gets it.

Director Dante Lam had expressed that he would like to nominate both you and Nicholas Tse for the Best Actor Award. What's your comment on that?
A: Since we worked very hard on this movie, I think if anyone from the team gets a nomination, I'll be thrilled! I think Nic has a lot of potential to win, as he has improved immensely in "Stool Pigeon", regardless of his character or performance. He stands a very good chance this time.

Speaking of Nicholas Tse, did he ask for any acting tips from you, since you portrayed a similar character in "Beast Stalker"?
A: I wouldn't say 'ask' for acting tips, though! We usually discuss with the director on how we should express or portray in a particular scene on set, right before we start filming.

Award winning actors: (l-r) Nick Cheung, Nicholas Tse and Liu Kai-Chi star in "Stool Pigeon".
In your recent Weibo status update, you wrote some comments that caused quite a stir! You did mention that you were dissatisfied on why Nicholas Tse had a better character in "Stool Pigeon".
A: Did you read the next update then? ( laughs) I said I wouldn't dare to say that my character has its limitations to my performance! I think my character in "Stool Pigeon" gave me a lot of space to perform, compared to other characters I did in my acting career. I really don't see the need to comment on this issue, and I do not think that I'm like a 'flower vase' in the movie as well.

You had quite a steamy scene in the movie! Did you 'report' to your wife (actress Esther Kwan) before you did the scene?
She's an actress as well, so we both acknowledge and understand our working aspects. We have this sense of trust between ourselves; I don't really need to 'report' or tell her about my job scope. Before that, the director told me that the scene was crucial for the plot as well, since it'll affect my character and his wife.

Would you consider taking up a movie if it requires a certain amount of intimate scenes? What are your limitations on sex scenes?
I don't limit myself when it comes to movies. I feel that I can accept any role, regardless of my marital status. As long as I feel if the script is good, the production team is perfect, there's no reason why I shouldn't do it.

You've been doing a lot of serious movies recently. Do you hope to do more light-hearted movies in the near future?
Actually I've just finished shooting a Wong Jing comedy with Nicholas a month ago! Maybe the audiences do feel that I've done too many dark movies, so this movie should be a refreshing one for them. It'll be out during Chinese New Year 2011, called "God Of Fortune's Inn". Doesn't it feel like a true Wong Jing movie, judging by the title? (laughs)

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