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New dawn for Ahmad Idham?

Writer: Nor Azliany Mohamad

Buddies Cinnamon and Ahmad Idham catching up for a chat

Ahmad Idham's transition from an actor to director has done well for the local film industry. It has without a doubt brought quite a welcomed change with his horror feature "Jangan Pandang Belakang" which made impressive collections nationwide and set a record at the time. His comedy effort "Adnan Sempit" was a record holder too, for the highest collection for a Malaysian-made movie. As a matter of fact, it would seem that almost all of his films had managed to do well on the big screen. It's then safe to say that the passion possessed by the Alor Star-born has enabled him to make movies that are not only laden with quality, but also the necessary elements that can satisfy audiences as well.

After his filmmaking experience with Metrowealth Production alongside David Teo, Ahmad Idham took the plunge and established his very own production company by the name of Excellent Pictures Sdn. Bhd. in 2000. The company has been quite active in producing quality drama series for private TV stations ever since.

Ahmad Idham is a filmmaker who always strives to be different and versatile in all of his films. His latest product "Senjakala", is a local horror film that stars upcoming actors Liyana Jasmay and Zahiril Adzim that is set for a Malaysian release this 14th April.

Interview conducted 18 Mar 2011 at Cinema Online, Kelana Jaya, Malaysia.

Hi! Thanks for spending some time with us today. Could you tell us about your upcoming movie, "Senjakala"?
"Senjakala" is a horror movie that centres on the issue of teenage love. Usually when we talk about the horror genre, only the issues of revenge, possession and paranormal activities come to mind, but we've never truly explored the origins of a ghost or the life of the person who is bequeathed a supernatural entity. Imagine if the person who is burdened to own a ghost is one of our loved ones? How would our lives and relationships be like? That's exactly what I seek to explore in this story.

Director Ahmad Idham on the set of his latest movie "Senjakala" due 14 April 2010 in Malaysia

Did you have a part in casting Liyana Jasmay and Zahiril Adzim as the leads for the movie?
Yes, I picked them. I picked Liyana Jasmay as it was quite difficult to find a Malay actress that has distinct Malay features. Furthermore I had also worked with her in "Niyang Rapik", so I was aware of her capabilities and talent to play the character well. Zahiril was picked because I had seen him act with Liyana in "Kami", and their pairing had earned them a nomination for 'Best on Screen Chemistry' at the Shout! Awards back in 2009.

What are some of the challenges that you had to face during the filming of "Senjakala"?
This would be my fifth horror themed movie and with every horror movie I make, I make sure it differs from the rest. The biggest challenge I faced was to confront and battle with my own creative capabilities, so that I could offer something different to my audiences.

As an experienced director you have explored many other film genres as well. Which genre do you find to be truly fulfilling and satisfying to work with?
Obviously the ones that make it to the box office! (laughs) Kidding! Well, I can't keep directing one genre only because I'm easily bored. Every time I direct a movie, I would make sure I would get some satisfaction out of it, as only then will it be able to make an impact that's good enough to mutually satisfy the audiences as well.

What are your upcoming plans for Excellent Pictures?
Excellent Pictures is taking a huge leap by trying to produce five to six movies a year. After "Senjakala", I have another upcoming movie titled "Hantu Bonceng" that stars Juliana Evans and Zizan Raja Lawak. I recently completed the filming for "Jangan Pandang-Pandang" with Zizan and Sara Ali as well. Excellent Pictures' goal for now is to be a serious production company for the local film industry.

Thank you Ahmad Idham. All the best.
You're welcome. Thank you.

Catch Ahmad Idham's horror-romance movie "Senjakala", which will be released on Malaysian cinemas this 14 April.

Cinema Online, 06 April 2011

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