Carmen Soo and Cinnamon having a blast at Movie Carnival 2011.

Carmen Soo Wai Mun, or more popularly known as Carmen Soo among her Malaysian fans, has reportedly appeared in over a dozen commercials and had co-starred alongside Taiwanese actress Shu Qi, in the 1999 Jackie Chan movie, "Gorgeous". She then went on the star in the Filipino teleseries "Kahit Isang Saglit", which garnered her star status in the Philippines as the first and only Malaysian actress who has appeared in a Filipino TV series.

The actress who will now star in Bjarne Wong's upcoming horror movie "The Hunter", as one of the leads alongside Sharifah Amani, Tavani Hu, Lou Qi, Soo Wincci and more, speaks on her upcoming role and the expectations of shooting in the jungles of Borneo next month.

Interview conducted recently at "The Hunter" press conference at Movie Carnival 2011, IPC Shopping Centre.

Q: Hi Carmen, will "The Hunter" be your first horror/thriller movie?

Actually no, the first horror film I did is a short film titled "Visits". "Visits" combines four short films into one. I took part in one of them and played a ghost. However, it will be quite different for "The Hunter" as I am basically switching roles to play the victim instead.

Q: What are the preparations like before you start shooting for your role?
In this film, I play the role of the director that is conducting a shooting in the jungle. So my homework is to understand and observe a director's work, their attitude, as well as how they behave towards their actors on set. Of course, I want to play my own character because not all directors are the same, so I aim to bring something different to the role.

Q: So, any must have items you must bring into jungle?
Yes absolutely, mosquito repellant and also something to prevent snakes! I am very scared of snakes. (laughs)

Carmen with the cast of "The Hunter".

Q: How do you feel about acting in the wilderness of the Borneo jungle?
Normally for actors, we go through all kinds of risky conditions and experiences, but I won't say that this is the worst experience I'll ever have. It's true that it will be somewhat hard to go through all of this, but the good thing for us is that we need not worry about appearances because we are supposed to get dirty in the jungle.

Q: What do you think about the other actors you will be working with?
Well, I have acted with Sharifah Amani before. I know Soo Wincci for quite some time but we never acted together. Also, it is my first time acting with Tavani Hu and Lou Qi. So, this film has a lot of familiar people and also new people as well, but I guess they are the same and we will work well together.

Q: Thank you for your time Carmen, all the best to you.
Thank you so much!

"The Hunter" is expected to be released in Malaysia and Singapore sometime next year.