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Chrissie Chau talks "Kick Ass Girls"

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Chrissie Chau in Malaysia.

We catch up with rising star Chrissie Chau as she shares with us what it was like to work with a mostly female cast and crew in an action-packed production, her desire to be a leading female action star and how did it feel to win the Best Actress award for "Paper Moon".

Cinema Online's interview with Chrissie Chau was conducted on 5 May at Lavazza, Viva Home. Congratulations on winning the Best Actress award for "Paper Moon" at the Los Angeles Movie Awards! How do you feel?
Thank you very much! I feel excited! This is the first time I have ever won an award for my acting and I never expected that I would win. Movie-making is all teamwork, and I just do my best doing what I love. That's why I act as much as I can and if I get an award, that's great, but I never thought about them.

What is it like working with a female cast?
I feel that the best part is that the director is also female! I don't really care about whether the people I work with are male or female, but a female director will show the audience the movie from a female's point of view, which is good for me.

With director G. Cheuk Wan Chi and producer Charlie Wong.

Many girls and women will definitely look up to you after watching this film. How do you feel about being a role model for young girls?
Wow. I feel very good! [Laughs] I'm happy. I don't expect to be a role model for other people. I'm just a regular girl chasing her dream and I hope to become more successful. I feel proud knowing some people look up to me for it.

What made you choose to be a part of the film?
It's because of Charlie, the producer. He's a good friend. I can trust Charlie because I've worked with him for a while. But the most important reason is that Hong Kong movies usually don't cast women as leading action film stars, which is the reason I wanted do it. I want to try to become an action star.

Do you have any actors or actresses that you look up to in general?
Angelina Jolie and Zhou Xun. They're both really big inspirations.

Zhou Xun, one of Chrissie Chau's biggest inspirations, starred in "Cloud Atlas" with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Do you plan to do more action films?
If there is a chance, yes! Occasionally I would want to act more of anything, but I hope this movie is successful enough so I could do more of this stuff!

How was working with the rest of the cast?
For one thing, the three of us love to eat! During meal times we would sit together and share all our food and just enjoy ourselves! It's really fun when the three of us work together. Most of us involved with the film are female so we love to talk a lot!

What about the director, G.?
G. is also a scriptwriter so she knows the story really well. She had a lot of things to do like the lighting, the actors and everything else. A female that can handle everything by herself is something to look up to.

Would you consider directing a film yourself?
Wow! That would be a bit hard for me. For now I want to just concentrate on my acting career. I still have a lot to learn. Directors need to handle a lot! Of course I would love to be a director but I don't think I'm ready yet.

How tough was the training?
I got injured a lot during shooting but I still wanted to do most of the stunts myself! When I was small I thought the action sequences were easy to do but now I know that even one action sequence can take a couple days to shoot! Though I was injured I didn't want to do a half-ass job. It's tough but I do like it a lot!

Do you see yourself in Hollywood films?
That's a really ambitious thought! [Laughs] I never really think this far ahead. I take things step by step. But I would love to work with Hollywood and any projects anywhere around the world!

Thank you so much for your time!
Thank you!

Cinema Online, 19 June 2013

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