Cicakman and Super Bro costumes worth RM100,000

Cicakman and Super Bro costumes worth RM100,000

The "Cicakman" series director, Yusry, during the movie's premiere.

With the new "Cicakman 3" sticking onto the big screen this 12 March, fans are now wondering whether third time is still the charm, and will it be better from every aspect when compared to its predecessors.

Though the first two movies were helmed by Yusry Abdul Halim alone, this time around the director worked hand-in-hand with Ghaz Abu Bakar.

The upcoming movie tells the story of a man named Man (Zizan Razak), who is so obsessed with his hero Cicakman to the point that it almost left his home life in ruin. His life changes when one day he finds the superhero's serum that provides super powers.

During the recent premiere of "Cicakman 3", Yusry shared his experiences directing the local superhero movie.

A still from "Cicakman 3".

Assalamualaikum and how are you, Yusry?

Waalaikumussalam, thank you for attending the premiere of "Cicakman 3".

For this third movie, why did you decide to co-direct with Ghaz Abu Bakar?

The idea and storyline of the script came from me. But when I was occupied with another project, the directing position was offered to Ghaz. Whenever I wasn't busy, I would try to focus on this movie instead. In the end, we agreed to co-direct. It's not because I had no faith in his work, I just wished for the movie's storyline to not stray from the original story I intended.

Is "Cicakman 3" a reboot or a remake? What makes the movie different from the previous two?

"Cicakman 3" is neither. The original Cicakman superhero played by Saiful Apek is not reprised, it was retired instead. Meanwhile, Zizan, who is a huge fan of the superhero, finds the costume and personal items of Cicakman.

For this third movie, we wanted to return to the original concept of the movie – an action comedy with funnier and more laid-back jokes. Also, the fictional city of Metrofulus has been upgraded in terms of its look with the usage of cleaner and smoother CGI works.

Cicakman's (right) costume in "Cicakman 3".

Why does the "Cicakman" costume worn by Zizan look plain and doesn't look like the ones worn in previous movies?

We received a comment too asking us why the costume doesn't seem to fit Cicakman's frame. That is actually part of our plan to make it seem more realistic. In the movie, Man bought the costume from a costume shop, so logically it will not fit him perfectly as it wasn't tailor-made for him.

The Super Bro costume worn by Fizz Fairuz looks great and expensive, how much did it cost?

The costume for Super Bro, as well as Cicakman, cost around RM100,000. The cost includes several pieces of the each costume for Fizz, Zizan and the stuntmen. Super Bro costume is more expensive, and it is different to the one worn by the stuntman, which was specially designed to avoid injuries during fight scenes.

What was the whole production cost for "Cicakman 3"?

The movie cost approximately RM3.5 million to make. That budget might seem a little small for a movie that uses many advanced technologies, when compared to Hollywood superhero movies that cost upwards of two hundred million dollars. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the outcome and believe this is the best "Cicakman" movie ever produced.

"Cicakman 3" comes to cinemas this 12 March 2015.

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