Faizal Hussein's first horror film

Faizal Hussein's first horror film

Faizah Hussein interviewed during the premiere of "Gudang Kubur".

Local horror film "Gudang Kubur" stars Faizal Hussein and Nora Danish as the main leads follows a married couple who buys a warehouse to start their tile business. However, the couple is soon disturbed by 'something' that resides in the warehouse.

The film also stars Atikah Suhaimie, Nizam Zaidi, Epy Kodiang, Along Eyzendy and Pablo Amirul as supporting characters and is directed by Eyra Rahman.

During the premiere of the film, Cinema Online managed to have a few words with the main actor of the film, Faizal Hussein.

(L-R) Atikah Suhaimie, Nora Danish, David Teo and Faizal Hussein at the premiere.

What was is it like working with the cast and crew of "Gudang Kubur"? Did you enjoy it?

Yes. I have good relationship with the cast. They are very kind and they are not arrogant at all. We work in peaceful and cheerful environment, there's laughter and happiness. The main reason is because our DOP (Director of Photography), Remy is a funny man. He is the husband of our film director.

What about your character? Did you have any trouble portraying the role?

Nope. It's just that this is the first time that I got to play such a role. David Teo offered me the role and thank God I am able to properly deliver it and it's a good thing that everything went well.

This is your first horror movie then? Why did you accept the offer?

Because I have never gotten any offers to act in a serious horror film. I once acted in a horror comedy, "Pontianak Menjerit" but only as a minor character. So the reason I accepted this offer is because it's my first horror film where I am the main character and thankfully, I get to work with Nora Danish who is one of the most talented actresses that has many followers. Thanks to her, I'm sure that this film will do well.

Nora Danish plays Faizal Hussein's wife in "Gudang Kubur".

Do you ever feel like trying something else? Like going into another field, maybe directing?

Yes. Truthfully, I want to direct, but I think there are still many who need me to be on screen, so I spent a lot of my time doing so.

What about your kids? Any of them showed an interest to pursue a career in the film industry?

Yes, of course. When they see their father in fight scenes in films or TV, they start wanting to learn taekwondo and right now I can see that they are very much into martial arts. My oldest daughter has already confessed that she wants to act. Not that I don't want to let them, it's just that their schedule is even more packed than mine. They have to go to school, tuition, extra classes, curriculum activities and more. So, I don't think they even have the time to act.

So, does this mean that you're not encouraging them to be in the film industry?

Oh no, that's not it. If it is during school holidays and the project is just for a short while, then I would let them do it. Previously, my oldest daughter did a commercial when she was 8. That one, I'm okay with.

To be honest, I'm a loving and caring father and I'm used to acting with child actors and actresses. When I look at them, I feel kind of sorry for them because when I think of my kids in their shoes, I think how tired they'd be. Imagine the hours they would have to work when they can just play or sleep at home like any other normal kids.

Do you think your kids have your talent?

Why, of course! It is like the idiom, "Like father, like son".

Faizal Hussein posing one last time for Cinema Online!


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