Adi Putra calls working with U-Wei "an honour"

Adi Putra calls working with U-Wei "an honour"

Adi Putra felt like a star as he was given special treatment by the production.

Helmed by renowned director U-Wei Haji Saari, "Hanyut" is a big-budgeted movie based on the novel by Joseph Conrad.

With a budget of RM18 million, the movie features a stellar cast made up of Adi Putra, Diana Danielle, Sofia Jane, Peter O'Brien, Alex Komang and more.

In spite of the interest shown to it by other countries, and having been in various film festivals as well as already being screened in Indonesia, it has yet to be released in its home country, Malaysia, due to some issues that have caused it to be delayed.

However, after four years, the Tanah Licin Sdn Bhd production will finally be screened in Malaysia this 24 November.

During the movie's recent giant poster launch at AnCasa Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur, Cinema Online talked to lead cast Adi Putra, who plays Dain Maroola in "Hanyut", to find out more about the movie.

Cinema Online: What was your reaction when "Hanyut" finally gets a release date after four years?

Adi Putra: I was very glad to hear U-Wei and the producers have decided that the movie will be released this 24 November. I think a lot of people are looking forward to the movie, including me, because as an actor I would like my product to have an end result. So the confirmation makes me feel relieved and satisfied.

To those who don't know what the movie is about, what can you guarantee it'll bring to the table?

The movie falls into the "humanity factor" genre, whereby the whole movie has different culture, nationalities and ways of thinking. When you watch the movie, you will see Arab, Malay and the West united as one. The three nations have different elements but what's unique about this movie is when you watch it, you will be able to connect to it.

Adi Putra feels lucky and proud to be chosen by U-Wei to star in "Hanyut".

How did you receive the offer to act in the movie and did you agree to it at once?

I received the offer after U-Wei called me in for an audition. I went but did not immediately whether know I got the part or not. After a week, I received a call that said I got it. That was a big honour for me to be chosen by a renowned director like U-Wei and it was a big responsibility for me to play Dain Maroola.

What were the challenges you faced in playing Dain Maroola?

Honestly, during the four months of filming, I felt pressured because firstly, I had to find what it was that U-Wei wanted from me. When I was told that the actor the role is originally meant for was Eman Manan, I felt even more distressed.

So I took the approach of knowing who U-Wei is first before forming the character. We were also given two months to practice at FINAS to really understand our characters so that when we went on set, filming would be easier.

Care to share with us how it was like working in such a big-scale production?

It's a new and most memorable experience for me in my career as an actor. It's because the director told me not to worry about anything apart from my performance in front of the camera. Everything was prepared by the production including a very comfortable caravan. We also didn't have to think of conti and wardrobe as those were also taken care of. What surprised me a little was there was even someone holding my script [for me]. So from there I knew that all I had to do was give my best in acting.

Since you've worked with U-Wei, will you be more selective with your work?

I've always been selective, because the filming was done in 2010. So since then I've been more selective in taking up acting offers. However, this doesn't mean I will straightaway reject offers to work with young directors. I will read the script first. I also have no problem working with young directors as they have fresh ideas, and I can share opinions and experiences with them. But like I said, I will read the script first.

What will you be doing next?

After this, I can be seen in an upcoming movie, "Kanang Anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior", expected to open in cinemas next year.

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