Sean and Eddie make fun of Louis Koo

Sean and Eddie make fun of Louis Koo

Main cast, Eddie Peng and Sean Lau attended the press conference at
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Hong Kong star Sean Lau and Taiwanese heartthrob Eddie Peng along with director Benny Chan made a visit to Malaysia last week to promote their new period action film, "Call of Heroes".

Set in 1914, the movie follows a group of people from a small village, standing up to a cruel young warlord.

The film reunites Benny Chan with actors Sean Lau and Louis Koo who previously worked with the director on the 2013 crime thriller, "The White Storm".

Louis Koo was unable to join the cast and director due to his busy schedule, but he visited Malaysia earlier this month to promote his other movie, "Line Walker".

Take a read at what the two main cast have to say about their roles, each other, and also about their missing co-star, Louis Koo!

Let's start with Sean. In the film, your character carries around a whip that you use to punish people, is it true that you take the whip back home to practice for your character?

Sean: I took it back home to keep it as a memento. But I never took it out even once because I am scared that domestic violence will happen in the house!

We also heard that you injured yourself with the whip. Is this true?

Sean: I did suffer a few injuries from using the whip, but it's not very serious. Because it's a rope, so if you don't swing it properly it will kind of hit you back. So I always place the whip with me in the hotel, and every morning I would practice swinging the whip, and I guess I kind of hit myself in the process too.

Sean talks about keeping his prop at home.

Eddie, when you realised that your character in this movie is going to be sloppy, were you unwilling to accept the role?

Eddie: Not at all. I knew that the character would be different from my usual roles, but I didn't think that the character would be so sloppy! But that's because of the setting. The character is not someone who grew up in a city, but on a mountain. So when I discussed with the director about the character, we decided to make him a little bit different than the usual heroic roles, but like every other hero, he too has a strong sense of justice within him.

Did you purposely grow the mustache and beard to play the role?

Eddie: Yes. I don't usually keep them that long, but it was for my character, and it was also so that I have a slightly different appearance for this film. Also, it was the director's idea to make the character's appearance contrast with their personality. For example, the good guys have a rather dirty and messy appearance, while the main villain looks very clean, like no facial hair and wears all white in the film! The heroes wear slightly darker-coloured outfits, and my character looks the dirtiest! The contradiction was on purpose, the cleanest person is actually the one with the darkest heart.

As an idol who is loved by many girls, does it feel stressful for you to look good all the time?

Eddie: Thank you for the compliment! But I don't think that I look good all the time. Of course I want to look good in movies, but in my personal everyday life, I honestly don't think that I look good all the time, though I do try to make myself look nice and manlier like Sean!

Is there anything that you don't like about your character in this movie?

Eddie: Well, he's a bit too hairy for me I guess! [laughs] I mean, he's a great character, I love playing him, it's really a great experience, and I do hope that in the future I get to play more of this kind of roles.

Eddie admits that he doesn't usually grow out his facial hair.

After working with Sean Lau and Louis Koo, what did you learn from them?

E: Of course it is how to act better, but most importantly, how to be as charming, manly and cool as them! [laughs]

So Sean, what is your perception of Eddie after acting with him in this film?

Sean: Actually, he's exactly the same wherever he goes – cheerful, lively, talkative, and he will answer questions even if you didn't ask him anything! [laughs] Louis would always tell me to not to let him answer any question but he would just answer even when you haven't asked him yet, and he would talk for quite a long time!

Eddie: During some interviews, Louis would look at me and signal me to cut short my answers! [laughs]

Eddie and Sean at the press conference.

Sammo Hung is the action choreographer of this movie, what was it like working with him? Is he strict?

Eddie: Not at all, we felt very comfortable working under his guidance. He likes to eat together with all the cast and crew, so every morning, he would go to the market and buy some groceries, and cook it for us. If he's too busy, he would ask someone else to cook it. He likes to eat, and he also likes enjoying his meal with everyone!

During a particular fighting sequence, you had around 53 retakes, is that true?

Eddie: Yeah, I can't believe I broke my own record! Because previously in "Rise of the Legend", I only had 36 retakes. Next movie, I might break this record too! [laughs]

Eddie, Sean and director Benny Chan.

Sean, you have worked with Louis Koo many times, but this is the first time that both of you have acted together in a traditional setting, and Louis plays the villain! How does it feel facing him as a bad guy? Do you constantly feel like punching him in the face?

Sean: To be honest, even when I'm not working with him in films or dramas, I already feel like punching him in the face! [laughs] His character in this film is very hateful to the point that he will annoy you very much! For example, if the lowest human being is a scum, then he's even worse than that! That's why he didn't come with us for this press conference; he's scared that people will beat him up! [laughs]

Are you confident that this film will be able to grab some awards?

Sean: I do feel that Eddie will win some awards for his role. His character is a bit hard to play because he's playing someone who is completely the opposite of him and he manages to pull it off – I think that is amazing! When he's given the character, he will try his best to adjust to the role accordingly, I feel like I wouldn't be able to have done it when I was at his age.

Eddie: I prefer not to think so much about the awards. But I do wish that the film will get some good reviews!

"Call of Heroes" is now showing in cinemas.

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