Tunku Mona Riza eyes other genre for next movie

Tunku Mona Riza eyes other genre for next movie

Tunku Mona Riza not giving up despite poor reception towards "Redha".

Director Tunku Mona Riza is arguably one brave soul when the new filmmaker decided to make the movie "Redha".

She knew the fate her directorial debut was to face but she stood by her objective, which was to bring awareness of autism to the audiences.

The movie, produced under the Current Pictures Sdn Bhd banner, stars Namron, June Lonjong, Nadiya Nisaa and Remy Ishak.

Despite the big names, it was unable to garner much box office attention, though it did receive positive reactions from audiences, especially from professionals.

"Redha's" box office slump does not deter Tunku Mona, however, as she plans to continue being active as a director.

Recently, the director revealed that she was eyeing new opportunities in order to make a comeback with her latest movie.

Find out more of what Tunku Mona Riza has to say about her works in the interview below.

Cinema Online: Are you not disappointed by "Redha's" poor reception? What was the real reason it received lacklustre reception?

Tunku Mona Riza: When I was making the movie, I had two objectives, first was to make a good collection and second, to bring awareness about autism to the public. Even though my first objective failed, but I am a quite glad that my second objective was achieved. Honestly, I myself do not know why. The producers, executives and I think that it could be due to the lack of promotion for the movie as well as several other factors. Until now, we are still unable to find the answer as to why the movie failed.

However the movie has successfully made an impact on society, care to elaborate more on the impact?

After the movie was released, more and more people are starting to become aware and want to know about autism. I also received positive feedback from professionals especially doctors, therapists and many others who praised the movie, which is said to be good enough to serve as guidance to those who know nothing about autism. In fact, since the movie's release, it has sparked ideas and inspirations to some to build an autism centre.

Will you be releasing "Redha" in other countries after this?

Yes, in fact the first international screening for it is set to take place at the end of June at the Philippines Film Festival. It will also compete in the festival's international movie category.

After "Redha", are you planning to direct a new movie?

There are several individuals who have asked me what my new project is. I do have a new project, but I have to resolve several issues regarding "Redha" first before I could start on my new project.

Will the new movie be some sort of a continuation to "Redha"?

No, no continuation to "Redha" as I will return with a new genre next. I have done my part in bringing awareness to the public, now it is time for someone else to do so.

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