"Along with the Gods" cast spills their bucket list

"Along with the Gods" cast spills their bucket list

We had a little chat with actor Ju Ji-hoon and his "Along with the Gods" co-stars during the movie's Seoul premiere.

Showing in cinemas now is South Korean action fantasy blockbuster "Along with the Gods".

Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Dong-wook, Do Kyung-soo and more, the movie tells of firefighter Kim Ja-hong (Cha) who has to pass through seven trials in the afterlife to determine whether he is worthy of reincarnation.

Helping him during his trials are three afterlife guardians: the Leader of the Guardians, Kang-lim, the Assistant Guardian, Deok-choon, and the Security Specialist, Hewonmak.

Portraying these three characters are Ha Jung-woo, Kim Hyang-gi and Ju Ji-hoon respectively.

Cinema Online headed to Seoul to catch the stars of "Along with the Gods" and had a little chat with them, and here's the second part of the interview (the first part was with actors Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Dong-wook and director Kim Yong-hwa).

Following the afterlife theme of their movie, read on to find out what Ha Jung-woo, Kim Hyang-gi and Ju Ji-hoon want people to say about them after their passing and what they really wish to do before kicking the bucket.

Actress Kim Hyang-gi admits "Along with the Gods" made her shed tears.

Cinema Online: What was the most memorable moment for you during shooting? Either good or bad.

Ha Jung-woo: The first shooting and the final shooting. The memory of the first shooting is "strange" and "embarrassing", I really tried hard to be natural but failed. So I can say this is the bad memory. The good one is the last shooting, after I finished mine I feel satisfied because I've been working hard for one whole year.

Kim Hyang-gi: For me the last shooting is the most memorable moment. Same as my other works, after I finished my work I have bittersweet emotions. This movie took me longer than other movies and it made me feel even more emotional after we finished. I even cried at the shooting site for the first time.

Ju Ji-hoon: I have many good images in my memory, it's like a photo album. The images like how we smile after shooting or when we had an NG scene.

This movie seems pretty intense to shoot, how did you cope with the stress of shooting it?

Ha Jung-woo & Ju Ji-hoon: We ate lots of good food and took naps.

Kim Hyang-gi: Everyone took good care of me, so there was no stress. Ju Ji-hoon took care of me the most since we had the most scenes together.

Who's the funniest and the most serious on set among all of you?

Ju Ji-hoon: I think Ha Jung-woo and the director are the funniest. If Ha Jung-woo is not around, then it's me. Kim Dong-wook is the one who is always serious, as well as Kim Hyang-gi.

Kim Hyang-gi: It's very difficult to choose just one because everyone is funny, but I think it's the director because he is the one who was always at the shooting site and leading us. The serious one is the camera director, he was always working very seriously.

Ha Jung-woo: The director's character is very unique. He is always very 'high' and does many unexpected things. However, that encouraged us during the hard scenes.

Ha Jung-woo, who plays Kang-lim, says he wants to be in school books.

Ju Ji-hoon in character as the Security Specialist, Hewonmak.

How do you want to be remembered after your passing?

Ha Jung-woo: I wish to be in school books so students will learn my life story at school and give them inspiration. If I can make it, I think that would be great.

Ju Ji-hoon: I hope people don't talk bad about me and I hope they would say it is very sad and they've truly enjoyed time with me.

Kim Hyang-gi: Well... I don't know.... but I'm still young so I will work harder to earn better evaluation from others.

What is the top thing you want to do on your bucket list?

Ju Ji-hoon: I want to go travel with all my best friends for a month or two. I want to feel that moment in life.

Kim Hyang-gi: Hm... bucket list... I have so many. I don't have a driver's license now, I want to get a driver's license and go long-distance travelling by myself.

Ha Jung-woo: Travel all over the world by walking.

Watch our exclusive interview with Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi and Ha Jung-woo from "Along with the Gods" in the video below:


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