Aura Kasih was scared meeting The Sacred Riana for the first time

Aura Kasih was scared meeting The Sacred Riana for the first time

Aura Kasih will return in "The Sacred Riana" sequel that's releasing in 2020.

Fans of Indonesian movies would already be familiar with actress Aura Kasih, who's also previously appeared in several Malaysian movies.

Aura, born Shahiyani Febri Wiraatmadja, can currently be seen in her new movie "The Sacred Riana: Beginning", playing the character Bu Klara.

The movie tells the life of Riana, who is the winner of "Asia's Got Talent" Season 2, and will answer all the questions in regard to her tricks and illusions.

Apart from Aura and The Sacred Riana, the movie also stars Agatha Chelsea, Prabu Revolusi, Citra Prima, Alif Brooklyn and many more.

At the recent press screening for "The Sacred Riana: Beginning", Cinema Online got the chance to talk to Aura Kasih about her experience working on the movie.

Read on for our interview with Aura Kasih.

Aura Kasih with The Sacred Riana (second from left) and the producers and cast of
"The Sacred Riana: Beginning".

Cinema Online: What made you agree to act in "The Sacred Riana: Beginning"?

Aura: I agreed because I was attracted to the storyline and its main character, The Sacred Riana, who is known worldwide for her creepy image and for not speaking much.

How was it like acting with her?

The first time I met her, I got scared. I did say 'hi' but there was no reply and at that time I thought that was strange. However, I eventually got used to it and if there was anything that we had to discuss, I would talk to her manager because The Sacred Riana will only communicate with her manager if she would like to express something.

Was it hard acting with someone who doesn't communicate with you?

No, it's not just me she doesn't talk to, she also doesn't talk to everyone else in the production. However, we didn't face any trouble as everyone already knew what to do and my role wasn't very dependent on hers.

Did you experience anything supernatural during filming?

Alhamdulillah, I did not experience anything supernatural during filming. But the house that we used for filming was very creepy. Even though I wasn't disturbed, I experienced something strange, I suddenly felt sad and at the same time scared.

When I asked those who can see supernatural things, they said that there was "something" on the filming location. I believe in the supernatural but thank goodness I didn't experience or see anything. There were those who experienced scary incidents but they didn't talk about them much to avoid scaring the cast.

This movie was screened in Indonesia last March, how was the reception for it there?

Alhamdulillah, it was well-received and many are already anticipating the upcoming sequel.

Does this mean you will also be involved in the sequel?

Yes, the filming for the sequel is actually already done as we did it in one go with the first movie. So overall the filming for the two movies spanned two months. The sequel is expected to be released in 2020.

Directed by Billy Christian, this horror movie starring Aura Kasih, The Sacred Riana, Agatha Chelsea, Prabu Revolusi and many more is now showing in cinemas.

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