Out of This World Halloween in MySciFiFan Outpost

Out of This World Halloween in MySciFiFan Outpost

4 October – Can't get enough sci-fi and fantasy movies? Throw a party! Fans of science fiction and fantasies have gathered together to celebrate a one-of-a-kind Halloween party held in MySciFiFan Outpost in Cineleisure Damansara today.

In conjunction with the Movie & Collectibles Bazaar, the newly-launched MySciFiFan Outpost has invited all their fans to participate in bold and exciting activities including Costume Contests.

While some were dressed up as characters in "Star Wars" such as Darth Vader, others were dressed up as characters from various movies ranging from "X-Men" to "Lord of The Rings".

Divided into three categories, the Best Costume for the male category went to Kalkamel who dressed up as Lord Vader in "Star Wars". The Best Costume for the female category went to Jaden Lee who dressed up as a fellow member of the Jedi council. For Best Performance, the award went to the Medieval Knight, Andrea who did an outrageous act of sword-fighting.

Best Performance (Female) Best Performance (Overall) Best Performance (Male)

Prizes included the Ring of Sauron prop replica from "Lord of the Rings" worth RM299 sponsored by idreamsilver.com, Pure Milk T-shirts worth RM69.90, DFO's RM50 cash vouchers and three months Cinema Online magazine subscription.

Other activities included lucky draws and a mystery movie screening. Furthermore, party guests were able to indulge in a mouth-watering buffet dinner upon arrival.

Richard Chua

Co-founder and administrator of Malaysia's Science Fiction and Fantasy Community also known as MySciFiFan Community, Richard Chua, said this Halloween event is not the first event held by the community. "In fact, it is the second one, a successor of the Halloween event held in year 2004 and would continuously be held every other year," he said.

In regards to the launch of MySciFiFan Outpost at Cineleisure Damansara, he said that it is built as a community-based centre. The idea of building this centre came up as a result of the discussions and support he gained from other sci-fi members.

According to Chua, Malaysia's Science Fiction and Fantasy Community (MySciFiFan) first started as an online website and forum in year 2000 with the purpose of looking for other sci-fi fans. Up till now, MySciFiFan members have expanded to an estimate of four to five hundred people. While most of their fans are based in Malaysia, they also have fans from Singapore.

To date, MySciFiFan has been actively involved in roadshows, movie carnivals, various exhibitions including the well-known "Art of Star Wars" exhibitions as well as at the charitable event at Hati.Org.My Charity Fair 2006.

Various Characters

For more information, log on to MySciFiFan's website at www.myscififan.com or www.outpost.com.my.