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CO Special Screening on "Death Note 2"

Writer: Chen Pelf Yeen

24 Jan - Probably one of the first Japanese movies released this year, "Death Note 2: The Last Name" is about the attempts to catch the kira (or the perceived Messiah) between L and Light. L, played by Kenichi Matsuyama, finally meets Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and their psychological duel enters a new phase whereby whoever is careless for even a split second will lose!

With the disclosure of the new rules of the Death Note, the mystery becomes so complex that even the geniuses Light and L are perplexed. Among this chaos, only one person sees through the whole thing. Who? And who will win and who will die?

Cinema Online held a special screening of "Death Note 2" at TGV One Utama yesterday for contest winners as well as the public.

After the movie, we asked the viewers: "How do you think the movie should end and how would you rate it, out of 5 stars"?

Ong Shen-Shaun: I think L should have made it and Light should have died because he has taken a step too far (even though he is right for killing the bad people) by writing his girlfriend and his father's name in the Death Note. 4.5 Stars. Tan Wan Ting (L): The overall story was very creative, but I think L should not die in the story. 3 Stars
Khong Kee Wah: I personally feel that the movie was great and fun especially when L was wearing th mask. And I think L should not have died. 4 Stars. Lee Hui Cin (L): The story was very intersting, but I think Light should have survived so that the story would stand out. 4.5 Stars

"Death Note 2: The Last Name" opens nationwide on 25 January 2007.

Cinema Online, 25 January 2007